League of Legends End of Season Rewards Announced 2017

League of Legends End of Season Rewards Announced 2017

Summoners, the 2017 League of Legends Ranked season is coming to a close early next month. While many players around the world will be cheering on their favorite teams at the League of Legends world championships, an assortment of summoners will be grinding rank with the goal of climbing as high as they possibly can before the season ends on November 7th. League of Legends 2018 ranked season is currently scheduled to start on January 16th so long as there are no complications with League of Legends after the Rune and Mastery changes.

Summoners who are able to reach the rank of Gold or higher will be eligible to receive this year’s Victorious skin.;2017’s Victorious skin is Victorious Graves, the notorious outlaw of Bilgewater. Depending on which player the queue earns a Gold rank in will determine if the player is eligible for Victorious Graves chromas. Riot Games describes Victorious Graves as:

“The most-wanted outlaw in Bilgewater shows off years of skillful heists by wearing the finest regalia gold can buy. His shiny gilded gun and ceremonial draping will surely distract opponents long enough to land a well-timed Collateral Damage.”

Starting at the end of the 2017 Ranked season, summoners will receive a profile insignia underneath their summoner name to show off their ranking during the prior season. The insignia was previously located around the player’s summoner icon, but now will be located in the center and will remain throughout the following season. At the end of the 2017 season, summoners will be granted summoner icons displaying which ranks the player was able to achieve and for which queue ranging from bronze to challenger. Players will be eligible to receive up to three icons based off of the rank they were able to achieve. Based off of Riots Games end of season announcement, Bronze players may be eligible for borders starting in the 2017 season.

Summoners who are able to the rank of Silver in at least two queues are eligible to receive the Victorious Ward Skin. Riot Game seeks to encourage summoners to be great team players and provide vision to their teammates around the map through the use of wards. 

For the players who were able to abide by the summoner code and were deemed honorable by their peers, new honor ward skins will be given out to players with honor level three or higher. Riot Games has stated that since the addition of the honor system there has been a reduction of toxic and unsportsmanlike behavior by 389%.

For any other questions regarding the end of season rewards, players can check out the faq section provide at Surrender at 20 or on the official announcement. Will you be able to get to gold before the 2017 League of Legend season comes to an end?


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