Metroid 2, a Discussion on Video Game Interpretation

Forever Classic Podcast - Episode 7

Metroid 2 podcast featured art by Sabre

While I haven’t reached the level of Metroidvania academics as others that create video game content and essays, I do consider myself versed well enough in the genre to confidently talk with those experts. Since the announcement of the official Metroid 2 remake, Samus Returns, I knew I had to at least ask the creators of AM2R to be guests on the Forever Classic Podcast. Join Zach Snyder and I as we chat all things Metroid 2 with Steve Rothlisberger (Sabre230) and Milton Guasti (DoctorM64). 

This episode was definitely special, not only were there fantastic details pointed out about each of the iterations of Metroid 2, but we also make some excellent recommendations for those seeking more quality titles in the genre. Just listening to these guys talk about what they’re passionate about was a real treat for us and something I won’t soon forget.

I still haven’t quite figured out what the heart of the Metroidvania genre is yet, it’s a fairly complex genre to study. One thing is certain though, it’s a style of play that resonates with a ton of players. While there is a bit of saturation in the genre at the moment, to the point that it’s a bit cliche to be working on a Metroidvania, I believe there are still valuable experiences left undiscovered in this classic style.

One thing is for certain, I can’t wait to see where these designers end up. At the least, I’ll be trying out Ori and the Will of Wisps when it launches.

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