The Mummy Demastered makes a Metroidvania out of a Flop

A Movie Tie-In that Nobody knew they Wanted

Mummy Demastered Featured

Games based off of movies rarely go well, but I think Way Forward may be onto something with their latest project. Teaming up with Universal Brand Development, those kooky kids behind Shantae have cooked up a Metroidvania with classic looking 16-bit aesthetics to promote The Mummy, which came out last summer. This is the kind of game project that when it was announced, I legitimately thought The Mummy Demastered was a joke, but it’s real, and it’s out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Way Forward has always had a mastery of pixelated style, which shows through in the launch trailer for Mummy Demastered. Gameplay definitely appears to be that classic, timeless Metroidvania style, sprinkled in with the monstrous hordes of Princess Ahmanet. Players will take the role of an agent of the monster hunting organization known as the Prodigium organization. There will also be over 50 relics to discover throughout the game and multiple weapons and power-ups to utilize.

When it comes to the new Mummy film, I confidently passed on it over the summer. I used to love The Mummy Returns and the Scorpion King as a kid. Later sequels of the Scorpion King were straight to DVD nonsense, but the Mummy series was usually a fun popcorn flick. Apparently the 2017 Mummy film is the start of a Universal Dark Universe, which is off to a rough start, but who knows it could be interesting down the road.

Oddly enough, after seeing this strange little project, I want to at least sit through the 2017 Mummy at least once.

Throw out all the movie gobbledygook, this new title from Way Forward looks awesome. Sure, the Metroidvania genre is a bit saturated at the moment, but if it ends up being well-crafted in all the right ways, The Mummy Demastered could be an instant classic that seemingly came out of nowhere.

For more information on The Mummy Demastered, check out the official website.

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