New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition Headed To The U.S.

New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition Headed To The U.S.

2017 is one of the best years in gaming, hands down, and one integral part of this is Nintendo’s release of the SNES Classic. They brought back a system that hosts some of the best games of all time and allows it to be experienced by those who grew up with it (like me!) and a whole new generation…well…assuming you could find one. The levels of nostalgia and excitement surrounding this system can’t be understated, and Nintendo hopes to continue this hype train with the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition.

While it doesn’t come packed with all the games the SNES Classic comes with, it does at the very least come with a downloadable copy of Super Mario Kart. In addition, the system sports a striking resemblance to the console and honors it on the outside with the design of the system and on the inside with the familiar buttons you would find on the controller.

Nintendo has already launched the a version of the SNES 3DS XL in Europe earlier this year and a Super Famicom-themed 3DS LL in Japan last year, though each sport the different designs that the respective systems sported back in the day.

This launch continues to reinforce the statement Nintendo made that they would continue to support the 3DS even beyond 2018, even though the Switch will be the main focus. With the recent launch of Metroid: Samus Returns and the upcoming release of Mario Party: The Top 100,the 3DS, there is plenty of love for the family of systems that launched in 2010.

While I personally would have loved to see a SNES-style Joy-Con, this is a beautiful system and if we weren’t living in the age of the Nintendo Switch, I may have had to pick one of these up.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES will launch on November 27th for $199.99 and hopefully will be a bit easier to find that the ever elusive SNES Classic.

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