Another World Gets 25th Anniversary Soundtrack Release

Another World Album Cover

Action-adventure classic Another World is receiving a 25th Anniversary stand-alone release of its award winning soundtrack, publisher The Digital Lounge announced today. It is the first time the soundtrack has been available apart from exclusive Anniversary Deluxe editions.

The jewel of the release is a limited run 180g blue vinyl version available exclusively from the Another World online store. Why blue? Because that’s the color record that the main character of the game has in his lab! Vinyl fans preferring something different can also choose from an exclusive Black Screen Records version on 180g orange vinyl, or a regular retail version on classic 180g black vinyl. The soundtrack is also available on CD, or as a digital download. All of the vinyl editions also include a voucher for a digital download.

Another World Album Front

The album cover features game artwork on the front and back.

The original soundtrack by Jean-François Freitas has proven itself a classic in the years since Another World‘s release. This release includes the original soundtrack plus the Amiga and Windows version Intro and End tracks remastered to take advantage of the unique audio properties vinyl provides.

Another World Album Back

Character art is in the record center as well.

When I played through Another World for a Backlog Burndown column last year, I found a game that had aged quite well. A difficult, but accessible classic that well deserves the accolades it has garnered over the years. The moody, haunting soundtrack perfectly compliments the game’s visual style. It’s dramatic where it should be, and atmospheric in all the right places. Fortunately, with this soundtrack release, no walkthroughs or controller throwing will be necessary to enjoy the best music sections.

Originally developed and released for the Amiga computer in 1991, Another World has since been ported to almost every platform imaginable. Windows PCs via a 2004 physical copy and more recently via Steam, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Ouya, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, and the Xbox One all have versions available. It’s without a doubt one of the most easily available classic games around, and well worth investing a winter Saturday afternoon in completing.

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