Dodgeball Rising! Announced for Steam by Asakusa Studios

Dodgeball Rising key art

Samurai Edo period team dodgeball. No, this isn’t a typo, Japanese videogame publisher Happinet is announcing the new game Dodgeball Rising! coming to Steam Early access. Set during an alternative history take on Japan’s Edo period, where swords and duels have been banned by the government, everyone from Samurai to Geisha have no choice but to settle their conflicts with Dodgeball. It’s a bold move, let’s see how it works out for them.

One hopes that the Kabuki entertainers and Sumo Wrestlers have spent some heavy time dodging wrenches in training.

The game features support for up to six player matches, and eleven unique Dodgeball warriors to choose from including Ninja, Mikos, Sushi Chefs, and every variety in between. Players can utilize the different stats, play styles and skills of each character class to create their own distinctive play style. Multiplayer allows for a variety of team oriented maneuvers, such as trick shots and consecutive attacks, and a variety of special moves.

Dodgeball Rising Shoot

Dodgeball Rising – They shoot, they score!

The game will feature both offline and online modes, with AI bots filling in the empty slots. In addition, a solo Arcade mode, featuring unique stories for each character will be available for players willing to face the Ultimate Imperial Dodgeball Tournament. Everything should go fine, provided players remember the Five D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. Remember, Dodgeball is a sport of violence, exclusion and degradation. Be sure to pick the strongest players. And remember, “If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.”

Dodgeball Rising Miko

Despite the bow on her back, the Miko is also slinging a ball in combat.

Dodgeball Rising Geisha

Meet the Geisha.

Dodgeball Rising is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access on December 14th, 2017. It is being developed by Asakusa, Japan based Asakusa Studios

Dodgeball Rising Shoot

Dodgeball Rising – They shoot, they score!

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