The Evil Within 2 Xbox One Code Giveaway

The Evil Within 2 Xbox One Code Giveaway

With the Xbox One X now out, many of you are looking for new games to play. Who isn’t! Well, today is your lucky day as we here at Marooners’ Rock will be giving away one lucky reader a copy of the game. If you’re new to the site we happen to welcome you to the site. For those of you that often come here, you’ll know the rules when it comes to giveaway. As you can clearly guess, this giveaway the game up for grabs will be The Evil Within 2 for Xbox One, which is also on the list for being updated for the Xbox One X.

If you happen to be like me you greatly enjoy horror games and it’s one genre that’s great to play year round. Marooners’ Rock writer Mike Robles had the chance to play the game on Xbox One, which you can read his review here. Now with all the giveaways, we do here on the site we make it quite simple. If you’re new to the site don’t worry! We’re glad to have you here and we’re excited for you to be entering your first giveaway with us. It’s simple as following the listed requirements on our giveaway application below. You will have until November 16th to enter, which gives everyone a fair chance at entering. We here at Marooners’ Rock wish you good luck and keep your eyes out for future giveaways that will be happening leading up to the end of 2017.

The Evil Within 2 Xbox One Code Giveaway

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  • Raheel

    The feeling of being in that situation yourself, as if you are experiencing it.

  • AH_Maxy

    The helplessness

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    My favorite thing about horror games is the thrill of being chased by a scary monster or enemy where my heart races, palms get sweaty, etc. The experience is even better when the lights are off. 😛

  • Jordan Poet

    jump scares

  • machinebrun

    Gradually growing braver.

  • ShiftySamurai

    Being scared, or horrified. It’s the name of the genre, homies.

  • Talus

    Sense of dread

  • caffdawg

    The tension and suspense.

  • Crispy Chris62

    I love the old school feel to it bloomin hard the first one, but persisted at just got better love what they do in the sequel. And heard that it will be 4k on the X .:)

  • Wuvein

    When you are alone but get this feeling there is someone right behind you.

  • Being surprised and crapping my pants (figuratively that is).

  • The fact they’re scarier than any film if done properly

  • Mark Foerster

    The jump scares! I hate them, but they are also super entertaining.

  • The lack of resources is a very scary part of survival horror, IMO.

  • Elix Torres

    Jump scares!

  • deathspankd

    the goosebumps i get sometimes when i play

  • Big Boii Smurf

    The thing I love about horrors games is the feeling of being nervous and cautious when moving through the level, not knowing when something is going to jump out at me!

  • Daniel

    The jump out at you around the corner scares

  • bxlatinoheat

    The gore and fear is what I love about horror

  • Axel Gomez

    The tension and relief of it when you get out of a hellish situation

  • Simon Piedra

    The music, the sounds, the ambient, the history

  • jaiave

    The tension, the suspens, the fear….

  • Rob Hestar

    I like turning the lights down,putting on some headphones and getting spooked outta my mind. Resident evil 7 scared the crap outta me I aint afraid to admit it 😛

  • Steven

    The out of no where jump scares

  • bryanmartinez17

    The Jumps scares and freaky monsters.

  • The jump scares.

  • Chris Poirier

    The fear of not knowing what’s around the next corner. For me, the anticipation of what the monster may be is often scarier than the actual antagonist!

  • Drew G

    The fear of the unknown since you don’t know what to expect

  • Vladimir Ljubetic

    Those super scary moments

  • Jamel

    The jump scares

  • Robby Bisschop

    The atmosphere and slow build of tension

  • Jordan 650

    Thanks for the chance

  • Raiderbizz

    The thing I like most about horror games is the same thing I like about other games: They are fun to play. Different types of games just lets me know what type of experience to expect

  • SirKhalid

    The suspense and the scary part!

  • Mo Mallouh

    Not knowing what’s around the corner

  • edc


  • matthew


  • Emma


  • Jari Välimäki

    The bouncy scares

  • Commander

    The tension and the scares

  • Sarah Grace

    I enjoy the feeling of hunting the villain(s) in the game trying to kill me. Hunting the hunters. =)

  • Daniel Aguiar

    The Adrenaline Rush.

  • Viktor Ryzkov

    I like their faces

  • Westley

    Jump scares

  • luis

    what I like about scary games is the ambience and how I immerse you in the character.

  • ToneSibley

    scaring my wife 🙂

  • Bobaloba

    Getting to the end

  • GateByte

    Suspense and tension

  • Chris Lowell

    The feeling of dread when your character is an everyday joe or jane who is not prepared for the horrific situation.

  • Matt

    The anticipation of a jump scare

  • Brandon Sparks

    I really love that they make me jump and feel scared while I am playing the game.. Such a rush..

  • Edward Tavares

    I like the excitement and fear. I rather a high creepiness factor than a jump scare though.

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