Fantasy JRPG Rainbow Skies Gets New Trailer and Physical Pre-Order

Rainbow Skies Cover Art

From publisher eastasiasoft comes the announcement that Rainbow Skies, a upcoming fantasy isometric JRPG has a new trailer, and a physical pre-order. Coming from the developers of Rainbow Moon, this new game takes players on an adventure through a colorful and vibrant world teeming with tamable monsters, murky dungeons, and endless possibilities.

With an art style that pays homage to classic JRPGs such as the Dragon Quest series, and an isometric perspective familiar to fans of old-school series, Rainbow Skies looks like an interesting new take on a familiar genre. German developer SideQuest Studios returns to the world they created with Rainbow Moon, to take players on another adventure filled with intrigue, humor, and monsters.

Playing as rookie monster trainer Damion, players start off as Damion attempts to complete his final exam to become a fully vested Monster Hunter, an important profession in a world where one’s town is constantly beset by invading monsters of all sorts. Unfortunately, things don’t exactly go smoothly for Damion. Some ill-considered decisions the night before the exam come back to haunt him as he not only fails the exam, but destroys the entire monster compound while attempting the examination with a massive hangover.Rainbow Skies Ashly

Attempting to cover-up his massive failure only takes things from bad to worse, and pushes both Damion and his examiner Layne between the fronts of two rival superpowers. That’s roughly where the adventure really begins.

In conjunction with the new trailer release, eastasiasoft announced pre-orders for both Standard and Limited physical editions of the game. Limited Editions are planned to be print on-demand only, and include an art book, soundtrack CD, map, and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Rainbow Skies Limited Edition

PS4 Limited Edition Contents

Rainbow Skies is currently slated for release sometime in 2018, most likely during the April-June timeframe, on Sony PS4, and PS3 consoles, plus the Sony PS Vita handheld system. Cross-compatible saves should allow gamers who purchase on multiple platforms to take the action with them wherever they go. Pre-orders are currently available only from The game is planned for localization in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

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