Limited Run Unveils Black Friday Plans

Limited Run Black Friday Super GunWorld 2 screen shot

Black Friday is a time to buy games. All the best deals of the year culminate in a powerful hurting on many a wallet. Us game-playing folk are at our weakest during this time. Limited Run Games has been one of my favorite publishers of physical editions of games here of late; my Vita library especially has been expanded because of their efforts. Just in time, they have revealed their plans for Black Friday.

Limited Run Games usually saves about 10% of their games for replacements, just in case something goes amiss during shipment. They will be releasing a small group of these games for purchase throughout the day on Black Friday. Those games being released are as listed via a press release below:

  • Furi: Definitive Edition (PS4) 30 copies
  • Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition (PS4 + PC) 50 copies
  • Jotun Valhalla Edition (PS4) 30 copies
  • Oceanhorn (PS4 + Vita) 30 copies
  • Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (Vita) 15 copies
  • Plague Road (PS4 + Vita) 30 copies
  • Stealth Inc. (PS4 + Vita) 30 copies
  • Flame in the Flood (PS4) 30 copies
  • Risk of Rain (PS4 + Vita) 10 copies
  • Mutant Mudds (PS4 + Vita) 10 copies
  • The Silver Case (PC) 30 copies

Come January 1st, Limited Run Games will be selling all of their leftovers. If there’s anything missed throughout the year, these last events are the way to pick them up from the source. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up.

Not only will there be Black Friday sales of unsold units, but Limited Run Games are also releasing their lowest print run on PS4 to date as well as a new vinyl record. Super GunWorld 2, a retro-inspired action platformer with RPG elements, will only have 2,000 copies available. Apparently, it’s their rarest PS4 release since Saturday Morning RPG. The game is priced at $29.99, will have a full color manual, as well as five Limited Run trading cards. Those who order two copies will be guaranteed at least one rare gold Super GunWorld 2 card. Breach and Clear- DeadlineThe vinyl being released is the soundtrack from Breach and Clear: Deadline by Mighty Rabbit, a subsidiary of Limited Run, and one of the rarest physical Vita games out there. Composed by Jason Graves, there will only be 400 copies available. Graves is also known for his work on Dead Space, Far Cry Primal, Tomb Raider, and The Order 1886.

While shopping for games, do drop by Limited Run’s website. Nothing says epic gift like a game with a limited print. I’m sure there are a couple I’ll look into picking up as well.

Just remember to pay all bills first and get something for your mum.

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