Moira to Join the Cast of Overwatch

moira new overwatch hero

Despite my loathing for it starting the shitstorm that is loot boxes, I have rather enjoyed spending evenings just playing Overwatch with my buddies. Since Sombra, every time a new hero comes out I find myself pulled right back into that game. I can’t really call myself a fan of the game, but damn if its not fun socially! Moira is the next hero to join the roster, bringing a mix of sorcery and healing.

This trailer shows a character that could really work for those that groan when asked to play Mercy for the thousandth time. I actually branched into more creative characters because of this, characters like Lucio or Winston, ones with more mobility. However, I take one look at Moira and see a lane pusher that’ll pair nicely with DPS characters.

Moira has the ability to heal allies, as well as dish out damage. Her basic attack damages enemies and replenishes a bit of her health back. She also has a beam heal with her other hand. She also can use a Biotic Orb for either healing or steady damage. Judging from the trailer, it also bounces around a bit too, making it great for close quarters or clearing out sniper nests.

When it comes to mobility, Moira can use a teleport to re-position or dodge attacks. I can’t wait to see clever players dodging ultimate attacks with perfect teleports, only to help their allies steal the point. Her ultimate is a yellow and purple laser that goes through barriers for tons of mayhem, while also healing allies in the beam.

All in all, Moira looks like an interesting character to play as. For those playing the support role, but want to be a bit more in the action, she looks like a solid choice.

Let’s see how broken she is at launch and how much re-balancing occurs. Either way, I’m sure that upon her release I’ll be back into it.

Find the full character breakdown on Blizzard’s website.

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