New Party Game It’s Quiz Time Launches With PS4 as Lead Platform

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Say streamers, what time is it? Have you realized that you do, in fact, know Jack? Are you Quiplashed out? Then developer Snap Finger Click wants you to know that It’s Quiz Time!

Designed from the ground up to work as both a fun party game and as something appealing to streamers, It’s Quiz Time bills itself as “the biggest trivia game ever released on console and PC” with over 25,000 questions and answers. Not much chance of someone memorizing the questions here! The Live Show game mode allows broadcasters to host their own quiz show on their streaming channel, and have up to 10,000 viewers competing head to head and playing along using the chat function. A second Play With Friends mode allows players to pick up to seven friends (locally or online, we don’t discriminate) to compete head to head in either a standard game or a customized quiz designed by the owning player.

Developer Snap Finger Click previously released Act It Out! A Game of Charades for the PS4 and WiiU consoles in 2016. Comprised largely of former Buzz! quiz game developers, Snap Finger Click definitely has a solid pedigree with this type of game.

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Here’s Salli with some commentaryIt’

Along with the streaming focused modes, It’s Quiz Time also includes a single player mode and local gaming options. Players can download a companion iOS or Android app for their smartphones and answer questions right from there. An advanced AI hostess named Salli follows the performance of players, providing compliments or criticism as appropriate, and adapting the questions to individual players, serving up customized questions based on interests, performance, and age.

It’s Quiz Time will be available in English (localized specifically for both UK and US audiences), along with French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Each localized version will have questions tailored specifically to the country that language originates from. The game launches today, November 28th, 2017 on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, with a Steam release coming very soon, and an Xbox One version coming in Mid-December, just in time for Christmas.

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