Protect Your Vision With Gunnar Computer Eyewear

Take a "look" and "see" the difference. Eye Pun.

Protect Your Vision With Gunnar Computer Eyewear

Unless you have been living under a rock, you more than likely have heard of GUNNAR glasses. What most people think of when they hear this name is professional gamers who want to get an upper edge on their competition. Even worse, people think of a cheap fad that is meant to exploit kids who think these glasses are meant to improve their Call of Duty matches with their friends. What gets overlooked is the importance of this kind of technology.

While it is true that they were initially marketed for gamers, GUNNAR eyewear is so much more than that. The technology that we interact with on a daily basis, phones, computers, tablets, etc., emits what is known as “blue light.” This blue light exposes our eyes to dangerous high-frequency wavelengths. Do you work with computers and sometimes get headaches, or even tired? Blue light. GUNNAR has worked for over 10 years to perfect glasses that protect the wearers’ eyes. These glasses are designed to heighten visual contrast, as well as pre-focuses light to reduce the strain that we experience after prolonged exposure.

GUNNAR is aiming to make 2018 the year of protecting your vision. With dozens of frames to choose from, as well as the ability to get prescription lenses put into their trademarked vision, (pun fully intended) this is truly the time to consider focusing on your health for as low as $39.99. Right now, get free shipping on orders over $50, as well as an extra 10 percent off of your purchase with an email subscription. On top of this, there is a Winter Sale going on right now so you can get a head start on better vision in 2018.

While yes, this is an advertisement, it is an important one. Almost 70% of people suffer from digital eye strain due to increased blue light exposure. As times are changing, so does the public’s opinion on how to protect themselves. If you feel like you have been affected by overexposure on a daily basis due to lack of sleep, headaches, or even just general discomfort after extended use of an electronic device, I highly recommend checking out GUNNAR to save your eyes the strain. I can only hope they have some good deals coming in 2020.

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