Fourattic and Devolver Digital’s ‘Crossing Souls’ Arrives on PC and PS4 February 13th

Fourattic and Devolver Digital’s ‘Crossing Souls’ Arrives on PC and PS4 February 13th

Calling all 80s fans—independent developer Fourattic and Devolver Digital announced their retro-tastic adventure game, Crossing Souls, will be available February 13, 2018 on PC and PlayStation 4.

The new trailer below completes this announcement with a “a fresh look at gameplay and a nostalgic trip through the game’s influences including Stand By Me, E.T., and Ghostbusters,” said Devolver Digital earlier today. Featuring interdimensional puzzles, small town excitement, and great cast of characters, Crossing Souls transports players back to California in 1986—when we played outside until the streetlights came on. Keeping with the classic, nostalgic theme of epic summer adventures, the game focuses on a group of friends who uncover a mysterious, powerful artifact. They traverse across two plains of reality and discover a side of their world that is filled with secret, government conspiracies, forever changing their lives.

The game will be playable at PlayStation Experience this month, with the development team standing by to guide attendees through a new demo and chat about their debut game. To learn more about Crossing Souls and to stay informed on the latest news, visit Fourrattic’s website or follow them on Twitter.

Joanna Nelius is a Southern California native who was raised on age-inappropriate games, yet somehow turned out alright. She has been an editor and contributor for several small gaming publications, as well as speculative fiction and academic magazines, for the last few years. When she has some free time, she usually spends it exploring abandoned buildings or watching Unsolved Mysteries—and finding good homes for her twisted horror and sci-fi stories.

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