Gamevice Announces New Price; Support for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Sphero Droids

Gamevice Announces New Price; Support for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Sphero Droids

Gamevice, makers of the industry leading controller for mobile devices, announced today that its new GV 157 model is fully compatible with Apple’s new iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+ devices. In addition, they announced full support for Sphero’s line of app-enabled droids, just in time for the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

To sweeten the pot for Christmas shoppers, Gamevice also announced a 20% price drop on the GV 157 to $79.95. Said Phillip Hyun, Gamevice’s CEO: “We chose to lower the price to $79.95 as demand for Gamevice has increased due to the fact that it can now be used for more than just gaming,” said Phillip Hyun, CEO, Gamevice. “Gamevice not only makes gaming on smartphones better, but it adds the precision control to app controlled gadgets such as Sphero’s app-enabled droids and DJI’s Spark Drone, with more on the way.”

The Gamevice controller solves the two biggest annoyances for mobile gaming: virtual joysticks and fingers all over the screen. It accomplishes this with an expanding form factor that comfortably sandwiches a user’s device between two physical control grips, much like a PS Vita or Nintendo Switch. The left control contains an analog stick and D-Pad, while the right control has a second analog stick and five buttons.

Gamevice controllers are now available for the iPhone, starting with the 6/6+ generation, the iPad mini, 9.7-inch iPad, 10.5 & 12.9-inch iPad Pros, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 families. Unlike Bluetooth powered controllers which can suffer from latency issues, the Gamevice controller uses the device’s Lightning, USB-C, or Micro USB port to connect for both power and zero latency. A power pass-through mode ensures that battery drain doesn’t become an issue either.

The Gamevice GV 157 and other versions are available directly from Gamevice’s online store, and from the Apple store, Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo and Video, and Meijer stores. Look for Marooner’s Rock to get a hands-on test with one of these devices soon!

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