Larian Studios Advent Calendar – Free Stuff!

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Larian Studios Advent Calendar – Free Stuff!

Larian Studios, the ones behind the Divinity Original Sin I and II games, is doing an Advent Calendar! Each day promises digital prizes with more stuff to raffle off throughout the season! The calendar comes in the form of a comic that releases a new page each day with a hidden number somewhere in it. Find the number, click the link, submit and receive the exclusive goodie! The details for the Larian Studios Advent Calendar are…

Every day until Christmas, we’ll be posting a new comic telling the tale of a glorious Gamemaster mode campaign, featuring some brave (or not-so-brave) adventurers and their GM. But it’s more than just fun and games-master-mode: hidden somewhere in each comic will be an extra festive surprise – a three-digit code hidden somewhere in the picture that’ll unlock exclusive digital Divinity swag!  – We’ve got new goodies for you every day until the 25th December, but each download is only available for 24 hours. Remember to check back again tomorrow, because once we hit midnight (Pacific Time) today’s reward is gone forever!

You can find the first comic here! I’ve got my first goodie, and look forward to more!

Their social media states it is back by popular demand, so this isn’t their first time doing this and I’m glad I have a chance to participate in this one! Don’t forget to check in each day to not only read the comic but to find that code for free stuff! For more information on the other prizes and to keep up to date on the new comic pages follow Larian at their Facebook or Twitter! It looks like they’ve partnered with Razer for these bigger prizes so going to be some cool stuff!

Planning on participating in the Larian Studios Advent Comic Adventure? If you’ve played Divinity: Original Sin II how are you enjoying so far? I’m loving it, and my full review will be up soon!

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