Rom Hack makes Super Smash Bros 3D

Super Smash Bros 3D screensho

Ever play Super Mario 64 and think, “Wow, this would make a great fighting game?” Apparently that’s what this creator thought too! I mean it’s not the first idea I would’ve had, but you do you. . . Behold, Super Smash Bros 3D! A short video was put out on the project on Youtube, giving the details on what is currently implemented and the plans for future builds. Not going to lie, looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Sure the project consists of putting Super Mario 64 controls into a Super Smash Bros type experience, but apparently there is quite a bit of custom coding involved. It’s still pretty early, but it definitely looks like an interesting use of rom hacking. These sort of projects remind me just how crazy things can get in the rom hacking world. It’s a practice that has inspired actual games too. Even Nintendo semi-acknowledged the rom hacking community with Super Mario Maker. Sega took things a step further by hiring a rom hacking group for Sonic Mania, which is arguably one of the best Sonic games period. Ironic, no?

Of course with any rom hack, there is always the risk of the dreaded copyright take down. Nintendo are notorious for this, as they have every right to be. This is why for the most part, I suggest anonymity or only talking about it when it’s finished. Hopefully Super Smash Bros 3D gets to see a full rom hack release. It certainly shows promise and I would love to see if Super Mario 64 masters can pull off some insane combos with it.

A playable build is available now. Apparently by the next build the Super Mario 64 aspects will no longer be a part of it. If anything, it’s worth a quick download.

For years, sprite-based games on the SNES, GBA, NES and such have been really common, so it’s pretty cool to see so many N64 projects here recently. Of course, the best way to enjoy these are with a flash cart. Now I’ve got something on my holiday wishlist. . .




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