‘Out of Ammo’ Coming to PSVR on January 30th

‘Out of Ammo’ Coming to PSVR on January 30th

This morning, Zen Studios announced that Out of Ammo will be coming to PlayStation VR on January 30th.

Partnered with game developers RocketWerkz (founded by DayZ creator, Dean Hall), this news follows the company’s November 2017 announcement that Out of Ammo would be the first PC indie game to be selected for Zen’s new PC to console publishing initiative. Mel Kirk, Zen Studios VP of Publishing, stated, “We at Zen are determined to enable console audiences to play some of the best, most innovative indie PC games out there, and Out of Ammo perfectly speaks to the core of what this new publishing initiative is all about […] We love it. The Steam community loves it. And we know PlayStation VR owners will love it as well.”

Out of Ammo is a virtual reality strategy game that first released on Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Acting as both general and grunt, players can move around the battlefield, build defenses, and issue orders to protect themselves from relentless waves of enemy soldiers—all while taking advantage of positional-tracking. Full physics are applied to in-game objects; diving behind sandbags, throwing grenades, and peering around corners become a hyper-immersive gameplay environment. Out of Ammo is built exclusively for room-scale to make use of motion tracking.

Several key features of the game include: cooperative multiplayer in freeplay for up to four players; five separate units, each with their own special abilities; and the ability to call in artillery, airstrikes, and sniper targets.

For more information on this strategic builder / FPS mash-up, visit Steam, or head straight to the PlayStation store to pre-order. All pre-orders come with a free copy of CastleStorm VR.

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Joanna Nelius is a Southern California native who was raised on age-inappropriate games, yet somehow turned out alright. She has been an editor and contributor for several small gaming publications, as well as speculative fiction and academic magazines, for the last few years. When she has some free time, she usually spends it exploring abandoned buildings or watching Unsolved Mysteries—and finding good homes for her twisted horror and sci-fi stories.

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