Devolver Digital’s Cyberpunk Thriller, ‘The Red Strings Club,’ Launches January 22nd

Devolver Digital’s Cyberpunk Thriller, ‘The Red Strings Club,’ Launches January 22nd

Calling all punks and transhumanists—independent developer, Deconstructeam, and publisher, Devolver Digital’s, cyberpunk narrative adventure, The Red Strings Club, can be directly downloaded to your memory engrams starting on January 22nd.

Thematically centered around fate and happiness, players will use Genetic Implant Pottery, Psychological Bartending, and impersonating people on the phone to take down the corporation Supercontinent Ltd. Self-professed altruists, the corporation is about to release a program called Social Psyche Welfare: a system that will eliminate depression, anger, and fear from society. However, a freelance hacker and owner of a futuristic speakeasy sees this societal “improvement” as blatant brainwashing. With a few company employees and an empathy android gone rogue, they’ll do all they can to see that Supercontinent’s plans never seep into a single person’s brain.

Cyberpunk fans can pre-order The Red Strings Club now on Steam to receive 20% off and a free copy of Deconstructeam’s debut game, Gods Will Be Watching, for free or as a giftable copy. Check out Deconstructeam’s website for more information on The Red String Club (and their extensive list of other games).

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Joanna Nelius is a Southern California native who was raised on age-inappropriate games, yet somehow turned out alright. She has been an editor and contributor for several small gaming publications, as well as speculative fiction and academic magazines, for the last few years. When she has some free time, she usually spends it exploring abandoned buildings or watching Unsolved Mysteries—and finding good homes for her twisted horror and sci-fi stories.

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