New Character Released in Transformers: Forged to Fight, Optimus Primal

New Character Released in Transformers: Forged to Fight, Optimus Primal

Kabam recently announced a new character to their Transformers: Forged to Fight line-up. As of January 4th, Optimus Primal, a brawler aligned with the Maximal faction, joins the rest of the bots. Part bot, part gorilla, he comes fully stocked with intimidating amour buffs, debuffs, and special attacks that unleash the beast within.

His passive abilities include a 100% critical resistance from armor buffs, and his signature ability causes damaging debuffs to expire 8% faster for each armor buff, but Optimus Primal will recover 1-5% of his max health when they expire. His special attacks are designed to maximize critical damage in the shortest amount of time possible.

Law of the Jungle launches him into the air to deal Bleed for 30-38% of Attack over 4 seconds if he received any Bleeds at any point in the fight. The strength of his Bleed increases by 20% for each Bleed inflicted on Optimus Primal himself. Beast Warrior aims to end battles quickly with a 50% chance each sword hit to inflict Bleed, dealing 40-60% of Attack as damage over 5 seconds. Last but not least, Gorilla Warfare is the most brutal way to end a battle; Optimus Primal’s rage gives him the maximum amount of Armor Buffs and a 100% chance to inflict Attack Down, which reduces the opponent’s Attack rating by -20% for 32 seconds. Brutal is more of an understatement—slaughter would be more accurate.

He’s most effective against Bonecrusher and Ironhide, nerfing their critical hit damage, but weakest against Starscream and Megaton. Both their abilities will rip through Optimus Primal’s armor, leaving him vulnerable to critical hit damage. He’ll succumb easily to Megatron’s Fused Armor Break, and Starscream will cut through his armor like cardboard. His best beat at surviving battles against these bots is to either build for his Security Modules, which increase his Armor, or build his EMI module, which will give him a better chance against ranged opponents.

More information on his abilities, synergy bonuses, and other stats can be found here. Transformers: Forged to Fight is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.


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