Nexon’s Hyper Universe Launches From Early Access

Hyper Universe Screenshot 1

Nexon America has officially announced the date for their side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe to depart from Steam’s Early Access program and go into full Free To Play mode on both Steam and the Nexon Launcher. Accompanying the launch will be a rebalancing of the game’s major mechanics to increase emphasis on both individual skill and coordinated teamplay.

Alongside the major launch will be six new Hypers (the game’s name for their superhero-like characters), one for each class, giving the game a total of forty-one different Hypers to choose from. Hypers can also be decked out in a variety of cosmetic skins available from the Hyper Universe item store.

The game has been in Steam’s Early Access program since August 2017, and this writer had gotten an earlier look at the game on the show floor of PAX South 2017. At that time, it was clear that the 4v4 battle system in a multi-level side scrolling environment made for some fast, frantic battles. The learning curve at that point was reasonable enough that this extremely casual MOBA player was able to pick up the basics of the game even on the crowded PAX show floor. In the year (almost) of time since then, the game appears to have made some major improvements, with player feedback from the Early Access builds driving many of the changes.

Hyper Universe Screenshot 2

There’s a lot going on in here.

Other unlockable in-game rewards will be available on launch by sharing the new trailer (Yes, the one we’ve linked here) on Facebook. Based on the number of total shares, players can earn Hyper Coupons and Skin Coupons for more loot.

Jungsoo Lee, General Manager of Nexon America had this message for the player-base that has helped push this game over the finish line: “We want to thank our passionate and dedicated community for their hard work to help shape the development of this game and we eagerly await their response when it goes live for everyone later this month.”

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