Sabotage Studio’s Generation-Crossing ‘The Messenger’ Releasing in 2018

Sabotage Studio’s Generation-Crossing ‘The Messenger’ Releasing in 2018

Quebec City-based developer, Sabotage Studio, revealed that their award-winning, Metroidvania-style game, The Messenger will be available on PC and console later this year. Sabotage Studio specializes in combining retro aesthetics and modern game design for a nostalgic experience that appals to a variety of gamers. The Messenger begins as an 8-bit action-platformer, and then transports the ninja-themed story into the future, where players are treated to 16-bit graphics and more intricate mechanics. What else would be expected from a team of industry veterans who love classically-inspired arcade games?

“I’ve wanted to make a game like The Messenger since I was eight years old,” said Thierry Boulanger, Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio in a press release. “Together at Sabotage we set out to make the kind of game that inspired us to get into the industry in the first place, with an over the top story, arcade-style challenges and visually striking pixel art. The Messenger is that game, and we’re thrilled to finally announce and share it with a like-minded audience that loves new games inspired by generations of classic video game greatness.”

Martin Brouard, Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio, also mentioned that, “The Messenger is Sabotage’s first game and a love letter to the beloved retro-console games from the late 80s and early 90s. The early feedback we received at the Montreal Independent Games Festival and the Montreal International Game Summit has been overwhelmingly positive. Now we can’t wait for the rest of the world to experience The Messenger later this year!”

In addition to the 8-to-16-bit transition, the game also includes tight, challenging platforming controls, a memorable cast of characters, a catchy sounds track created with Famitracker, and the ability to replay for hours and hours.

The Messenger won awards for Best Music and Best Gameplay Design at the Montreal Independent Games Festival in November 2017—as if there needed to be any more reasons to check this game out. Retro-platformers enthusiasts and speedrunners alike can find more information on the developers’ website.

Joanna Nelius is a Southern California native who was raised on age-inappropriate games, yet somehow turned out alright. She has been an editor and contributor for several small gaming publications, as well as speculative fiction and academic magazines, for the last few years. When she has some free time, she usually spends it exploring abandoned buildings or watching Unsolved Mysteries—and finding good homes for her twisted horror and sci-fi stories.

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