tinyBuild Games Announces New Multiplayer Survival FPS Title, ‘Outpost Zero’

tinyBuild Games Announces New Multiplayer Survival FPS Title, ‘Outpost Zero’

Publisher tinyBuild Games released a trailer this morning for developer Symmetric Games’ debut title, Outpost Zero.

Outpost Zero is a multiplayer, sci-fi FPS that focuses on base building, resource management, and survival. Players will assume the role of an AI Overseer from Earth, entrusted with creating an environment that can sustain human life on a mysterious alien world, Gaia. The trailer features: a spaceship ferrying AI colonists across a backdrop of Jupiter’s atmosphere, between its moons; the first glimpses of the alien planet tinted in warm tones and peppered with strange vegetation; many other gorgeous sites and imagery; and glimpses into the base building system, along with other pre-alpha gameplay footage

At the center, Outpost Zero is a deep sandbox FPS where players can fight against a variety of native alien creatures and defend their base against wandering bands of pirates and enemy raiders. Players can also group up with AI squadmates to attack enemy strongholds to destroy their operations and loot their resources. The game will also feature scaling combat with upgradeable weapons and armor.

Creating effective defenses against enemies will require players to build fully functioning, well-defended base with luxurious quarters and loads of entertainment to keep the AI colonists comfortable, healthy, and happy. AI Colonists can be trained to defend the base, to improve their combat skills, as well as upgraded with improved weapons and armor. AI can also be trained in crafting and resource harvesting, and given jobs to keep the base running at peak efficiency.

Symmetric Games is a new independent video game studio founded by industry veterans Dan Nikolaides, William Kowach, and Victor Lopez.

Check out plethora of screenshots, artwork, and the trailer below. Alpha sign-ups can be made through their official website.

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