Everyone grows up; this is how the world works. Just because we grow decrepit and old, however, does not mean we have to forsake the things that make us happy, childish though they may seem.  So though we grow old, we will always remain young at heart, which echoes the themes of Peter Pan.

I’m glad you mentioned Peter Pan, as it provides a wonderful segue into our explanation of Marooners’ Rock. Like the themes of Peter Pan, we will, as we grow ancient, retain our love and passion for the things we held dear in our long lost youth. However, there is more to the concept than simply enjoying what we have always enjoyed and that is excitement in the face of new experiences! This is where our long and winding story finally comes to its point: Marooners’ Rock. Peter Pan’s first genuine thrill came on Marooners’ Rock, where he thought he was going to die. His famous line at this point was, “To die will be an awfully big adventure!” We’re taking that and giving it our own spin: “To geek out will be an awfully big adventure!”

This is the core concept of Marooners’ Rock; we geek out on the things of our past, present, and future. The thrill of enjoying the things we have always enjoyed and the exhilaration of finding new things to enjoy will stay with us, and hopefully with you. Societal and cultural norms be damned!

Look, we know you’re not going to come to us to keep up with your daily news fix. There are other places that can cover the minutia of video game news far better than we can. You’re going to come to us to get the best damn opinions, reviews, and original pieces on the Internet (Editor’s note: This statement cannot be statistically supported with things like “facts” or “objective truth”). We love each and every one of our readers (not in a romantic way, but more in a drunk “Dude…I love you, dude!” sort of way) and vow never to sell-out to the man (unless we’re given ridiculously obscene amounts of cash to do so, because I don’t know about you, but I’d love a wall of TVs – also, I have student loans, man). You will get our honest opinions, without spin, bias, or pressure from anyone or anything.

We’re just a group of people, standing (metaphorically) in front of another group of people, asking them to love us.