Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate DLC – Jack the Ripper Review

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate managed to do something pretty sweet with the series when it debuted last month, creating a great new storyline in jolly ol’ London while basing it around a pair of memorable characters, Jacob and Evie Frye. But what would become of the offered DLC for the game, you ask? Well, we already know where the first story begins…and it’s with Jack the Ripper.

Jack, in case you missed your history lesson, is one of the most notorious killers in London history, doing away with several women in a brutal fashion. His tale leads the charge for Syndicate’s first DLC, and also throws an older Evie into the mix, 20 years after the events of the original game unfolded.

What’s interesting about this DLC is how it plays out. Not only do you have parts in which you play as Evie, using her stealth and effectively taking out targets as you get closer to the truth about the infamous killer, but you also get to play Jack himself. It sounds like a crazy twist on things, but it actually works pretty well for the game, as you can see the consequences of your actions unfold as you hunt down targets, mercilessly kill them and watch as the screen becomes more distorted as you slip into madness. It obviously isn’t going to be everyone’s comfort point, but, then again, a guy like Jack isn’t meant to be that way.


The story shifts between the two and offers plenty of action, although it is a bit odd seeing Jack shoehorned into the Assassin mode when he’s a completely different type of person. Nevertheless, there is a great deal to complete within the three-or-so hours of DLC included here, and a decent story that comes to an interesting conclusion, which I dare not spoil. You’ll just have to discover Jack for yourself.

Though the content isn’t easy to stomach, it sets up Jack’s villainy effective enough, and also gives Evie enough of a compelling reason to stick around, even without the assistance of her brother. It can be a bit jarring going back and forth in such a hurry, but not to the point that you’ll lose you way. As for the look, Ubisoft has done a terrific job recreating the sheer terror of Jack’s ways, even if we don’t remember what really happened outside of what was reported. Watching him creep in the shadows is likely to send a shiver or two up someone’s spine, and hearing him speak, even if it does get a little corny at times, instills a bit of terror regardless.

That’s not to say it’s survival horror, as it’s still Assassin’s Creed through and through. Nevertheless, the Jack the Ripper DLC is a promising start for what’s to come in future additions for the series. Here’s hoping we see more literary characters enter the picture, just to make Jacob and/or Evie’s journey interesting. Say, what’s Sherlock Holmes up to these days, anyway?


  • Excellent go-between across both Evie and Jack
  • Terrific atmospheric design brings tension to the picture
  • There's no shortage of action


  • It's a bit strange seeing Jack in the Assassin mold
  • Some folks may not be able to stomach Jack's actions
  • Over too soon


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