Having spent his youth avoiding the outdoors, which is where scary things are, Adam became entrenched in games and the gaming world at a young age. Deciding to use his minor talent for squishing words together to justify his gaming lust, Adam will find just about any excuse to talk or rant about games, especially if you disagree with him.

Pokémon Go Adds A New Region That Fans Will Certainly Recognize

Pokémon Go is continuing to expand, and their newest content addition will offer players a trip to rather familiar ground.

Multiplayer Space Epic Elite: Dangerous Headed To PlayStation 4!

PlayStation 4 players have seen a much greater variety of online experiences the last few years, and that trend continues with the addition of Elite Dangerous. The acclaimed multiplayer space epic will be hitting PS4 in 2017, and will include PlayStation 4 Pro support.

Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Heroes II Heading to US in April 2017

The Dragon Quest series has hit something of a revival lately, and the trend will continue with Dragon Quest Heroes II, which will be launching in North America on April 25, 2017.

New Pokémon Heading To Pokémon GO This Month!

It sounds like the numerous rumors were true! Niantic is set to reveal the next round of Pokémon for their massively successful Pokémon Go on December 12th, as well as other possible additions to the game. This was sent in a press release, so we here at Marooners’ Rock are excited.

Is Nintendo Switch Getting a Third Version of Pokémon Sun and Moon?

It looks like Nintendo’s Switch lineup is getting a monumental addition with a new version of Pokémon Sun and Moon, currently codenamed “Pokémon Stars”. What could this be? We can hope a Pokemon game for the Switch, RIGHT?!

Did Hello Games Just Tell Fans No Man’s Sky Was A “Mistake?”

No Man’s Sky is the game that keeps on giving, even if you aren’t playing it (maybe more so if you’re not playing it). After years of hype and promises, the game launched to tepid reviews on both Playstation 4, and on PC. The backlash from gamers however was the big news. More than a few promises about gameplay and content were broken, and, most telling, Hello Games went into hid...[Read More]

Rockstar Announces Red Dead Redemption 2!

After years of speculation, Rockstar has finally given fans a reason to celebrate with the confirmation we’ve been waiting for.

For Honor Collector’s Case Goodies Revealed from Ubisoft

For Honor fans got a wonderful treat from Ubisoft during Gamescom this week in the form of the For Honor Collector’s Case, available exclusively to Uplay Players. If you’ve yet to see it just look above, but if you want the full details on the newly announced edition of the game keep on reading.

South Park Is Taking Farts To A Whole New Level

The popularity of South Park: The Stick Of Truth is undeniable. The surprisingly deep RPG was a hit, and it was a given that we’d get a sequel. Now that South Park: The Fractured But Whole is approaching, publisher Ubisoft has announced a unique addition to the game that will sounds absolutely smell-tastic.

Catching A Different Kind Of Cheater Through Pokemon Go

It’s pretty clear that everyone is playing Pokémon Go. Well, not EVERYONE, but darn near. While it is mostly fun and games, the reports of robberies and trespassing put a bit of a dark cloud on it. Now we have a story that should put a chill in the heart of anything sneaking around on their significant other.

Nintendo Offering Tons of Zelda Coverage This E3

When Nintendo announced that the NX would not be featured at E3 this year, there was a collective cry of disappointment and frustration. However, fans were thrown a bone in the form of the new Legend of Zelda game, which will be playable on Wii U at Nintendo’s booth.

Nintendo Drops News on Mobile Games, Zelda, and the NX

Just a few short months before E3, Nintendo revealed their strategy for the new (fiscal) year, including dropping the first official news about their new console, the NX.

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