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Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!



The Escapists 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Switch is steadily becoming a console that perfectly complements another console of this generation and is almost at the point that it could be a standalone gaming machine. The sheer amount of variety is steadily increasing with AAA fps games hitting the console, Nintendo finally regaining their stride, a ton of classics ported over, and the endless wonders of indie games. This is where Escapi...[Read More]



.hack//G.U. Last Recode (PS4) Review

When I was a teen the PS2 was one of my favorite systems, a system filled with tons of games that were fairly cheaper than other games. I was also subscribed to a magazine that had a free demo disc packed in during those years. On one of those demos was a brief look at .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth and I was pretty hooked on the basic combat and the greatswords with chainsaw blades. When it was rele...[Read More]



Dimension Drive (Switch) Review

Bullet hell. Arcade shooters. Shoot-em-ups. All these mean one thing, lots of bullets and usually a high level of difficulty. I’ve always had a fondness for this genre, one with roots in the arcades, but I never was as skilled as some of my friends. Shoot-em-ups in particular I find endearing with their adorable style and crushing challenges. All these years of shmups though and there hasn’t been ...[Read More]

Rom Hack makes Super Smash Bros 3D

Ever play Super Mario 64 and think, “Wow, this would make a great fighting game?” Apparently that’s what this creator thought too! I mean it’s not the first idea I would’ve had, but you do you. . . Behold, Super Smash Bros 3D! A short video was put out on the project on Youtube, giving the details on what is currently implemented and the plans for future builds. Not g...[Read More]

Rumors of Devil May Cry V Suggest PSExperience Announcement

Some interesting details have emerged on a forum. Devil May Cry V has been rumored before, but this may be putting it in line to be revealed the PlayStation Experience on December 7th in Los Angeles. Although, the leak does say that a 2017 announcement is unlikely. Hideaki Itsuno (Director of DMC2, DMC3, DMC4, and Dragon’s Dogma) revealed that a new secret project was in the works for 2017, ...[Read More]

Limited Run Unveils Black Friday Plans

Black Friday is a time to buy games. All the best deals of the year culminate in a powerful hurting on many a wallet. Us game-playing folk are at our weakest during this time. Limited Run Games has been one of my favorite publishers of physical editions of games here of late; my Vita library especially has been expanded because of their efforts. Just in time, they have revealed their plans for Bla...[Read More]

iRig Mic HD2 by IK Multimedia Launches

Portable audio production is a big part of what I do in my day job as a radio reporter. Even here at Marooners’ Rock when we’re at conventions or events, having that capability is great for later content, interviews, podcasts, and the like. One of my daily tools for radio is the iRig line of phone accessories. IK Multimedia have released a new model, building on that platform. Let’s take a look at...[Read More]



Skyrim (Nintendo Switch) Review

Skyrim may very well be the game we send aliens to express who we are as a species. Players can’t seem to get enough of this game. It’s been ported to just about every console and will probably get ported to refrigerators or some other ridiculous appliance. What’s not ridiculous though is a Switch port.



Mummy Demastered (PC) Review

Almost always, when a game comes out based on a movie it is typically built as a quick cash grab, a way for studios to make more money on the name than just the film. These deals have made some of the worst games in history, but Way Forward may have proved that they can take a flawed, poorly performing film and make it into a great game. Mummy Demastered is the game in question, one that takes the...[Read More]

Remembering Dead Space – Gameumentary

Until here recently, I had never played through any of the Dead Space games. Almost immediately after finishing Dead Space 2, the news comes out that Visceral Games had been closed down. Even at that moment, as a new fan of this phenomenal (well, mostly) franchise I was crushed at the thought that this series probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I went on to finish the entire trilogy on...[Read More]

There will be no Loot Boxes in Monster Hunter World

Capcom has had some rough patches over the years, especially when it comes to cancelling Mega Man games, making weird mobile ports, and still saying nothing about Monster Hunter XX on Switch. However, Capcom is also on a bit of a golden streak with games like Resident Evil 7, which became an instant classic and reviving a troubled series. With Monster Hunter World, there is hope that one of my fav...[Read More]



Earth Atlantis (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Switch is such a phenomenal platform for indie games right now. Over 7.63 million units have been reported to have been sold, making it one of the fastest growing consumer bases in the gaming world. This coming off the failure of the Wii U and the millions of Vita players that continues to show the viability of the handheld market, has created a perfect storm for Nintendo’s hybrid consol...[Read More]

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