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Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!

iRig Mic HD2 by IK Multimedia Launches

Portable audio production is a big part of what I do in my day job as a radio reporter. Even here at Marooners’ Rock when we’re at conventions or events, having that capability is great for later content, interviews, podcasts, and the like. One of my daily tools for radio is the iRig line of phone accessories. IK Multimedia have released a new model, building on that platform. Let’s take a look at...[Read More]



Skyrim (Nintendo Switch) Review

Skyrim may very well be the game we send aliens to express who we are as a species. Players can’t seem to get enough of this game. It’s been ported to just about every console and will probably get ported to refrigerators or some other ridiculous appliance. What’s not ridiculous though is a Switch port.



Mummy Demastered (PC) Review

Almost always, when a game comes out based on a movie it is typically built as a quick cash grab, a way for studios to make more money on the name than just the film. These deals have made some of the worst games in history, but Way Forward may have proved that they can take a flawed, poorly performing film and make it into a great game. Mummy Demastered is the game in question, one that takes the...[Read More]

Remembering Dead Space – Gameumentary

Until here recently, I had never played through any of the Dead Space games. Almost immediately after finishing Dead Space 2, the news comes out that Visceral Games had been closed down. Even at that moment, as a new fan of this phenomenal (well, mostly) franchise I was crushed at the thought that this series probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I went on to finish the entire trilogy on...[Read More]

There will be no Loot Boxes in Monster Hunter World

Capcom has had some rough patches over the years, especially when it comes to cancelling Mega Man games, making weird mobile ports, and still saying nothing about Monster Hunter XX on Switch. However, Capcom is also on a bit of a golden streak with games like Resident Evil 7, which became an instant classic and reviving a troubled series. With Monster Hunter World, there is hope that one of my fav...[Read More]



Earth Atlantis (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Switch is such a phenomenal platform for indie games right now. Over 7.63 million units have been reported to have been sold, making it one of the fastest growing consumer bases in the gaming world. This coming off the failure of the Wii U and the millions of Vita players that continues to show the viability of the handheld market, has created a perfect storm for Nintendo’s hybrid consol...[Read More]

Moira to Join the Cast of Overwatch

Despite my loathing for it starting the shitstorm that is loot boxes, I have rather enjoyed spending evenings just playing Overwatch with my buddies. Since Sombra, every time a new hero comes out I find myself pulled right back into that game. I can’t really call myself a fan of the game, but damn if its not fun socially! Moira is the next hero to join the roster, bringing a mix of sorcery a...[Read More]

Runic Games Shuts Down, Releases Statement

After releasing three successful games, the studio that most recently brought us Hob is shutting its doors. This makes the second gaming studio to close its doors recently, as Visceral Games was also recently closed by EA. What was left behind though was not only a handful of amazing games that will live on in gaming history, but a bond was formed between those people. Runic Games called it a fami...[Read More]

Freddy Krueger joins Dead by Daylight in DLC

The horrible sound of metal scrapping against middle deafens the teen as he hides in a crawl space. A tangle of pipes are all he can see from his cramped spot. Just a few moments ago, he was asleep in his warm bed. Surely this was a dream, but the cut on his leg, burning with pain and seeped in blood, said otherwise.

Earth Atlantis on Switch gets Much Needed Patch

Getting this headline brings a big smile to my face. I’ve actually been playing Earth Atlantis for the past week or so with the intent to review the game here on Marooners’ Rock. However, there were some glaring design flaws that halted my progress, and while I was completely ready to shred the game in that review, I could see some minor adjustments that could make it tons better.

Hello Neighbor Crossover with Bendy

Ah, Hello Neighbor, a game about breaking and entering into the neighbor’s house across the street, only to find that there just may be some truth to one’s fears. Since its Alpha builds made rounds with the let’s play community, Hello Neighbor quickly fit that niche of being a crazy scary game full of mystery that’s just as fun to watch, bolstering its popularity in a matte...[Read More]

Five Obscure Games of 2017 Worth Playing

There simply isn’t enough time to talk about every single game that comes out. There are hundreds that we miss out covering due to the sheer volume of titles, many of which are certainly worth playing. As someone who enjoys searching the vast libraries of games on a system, I often come across some fairly obscure games that for whatever reason get pushed further and further back on my list. ...[Read More]

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