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Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!

Ghost Recon Wildlands Comes Out of Hiding with a New Trailer

Wildlands is a mysterious game that had little details aside from an announcement that it was a thing. Ubisoft has been hard at work getting The Division up and running with constant support, so it’s understandable that Ghost Recon wasn’t on their minds as much, at least in the public space. Earlier today a new trailer for Wildlands launched with inspirational narration and a vibrant l...[Read More]

Overwatch Porn Gets Cease and Desist

The internet has always gone hand and hand with pornography. All types of images, videos, and services are available at the touch of a button. One such site, Pornhub has been in the gaming news quite a bit here of late. Whether its streaming dirty bits to a 3DS or VR headsets supporting 360 degree ruts, the site seems to have their thumb on the pulse of the gaming world for good reason. Technology...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky Pushed Back to an August Release

We’ve been hearing the rumors for a few days now, but it is official. We now know that No Man’s Sky has been pushed back to come out on August 9th in the US based on Playstation’s website. This is disappointing news to fans, who were slated to have their hands on the exploration space game of dreams in just over a week. The rumors started with Gamestop employees being told to cov...[Read More]



Ray Gigant Review

Here of late it seems like I’m always playing one of two types of games, Metroidvania or dungeon crawler. Not sure how that keeps happening. . . The game up for review this time around, Ray Gigant, is a dungeon crawler with first person exploration mechanics similar to Etrian Odyssey or the game we recently reviewed, Stranger of Sword City. Where Ray Gigant differentiates is its hand drawn sprites...[Read More]



Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant puts players in a desolate Japan after strange beings known as Gigants ravage the world. As most of the population is gone, its up to those wielding special weapons, who are also not of this world. Will the heroes overcome their bleak existence or die fighting against impossible odds?

Destiny: Rise of Iron Leaked

A promotional image has just swept through the internet, starting with Reddit (where all the leaks happen apparently) and being reported on by Kotaku. This image seems to be a direct reveal of the next expansion to one of the most over-hyped games of all time, Destiny. Only the image has been shown so far, but its assumed that Rise of Iron will be shown off at this year’s E3. Bungie should a...[Read More]

Play Dark Souls 3 in First Person

Not sure if this is any surprise, but I am obsessed with Dark Souls 3 and have been ever since its release. I’ve always loved the series and was even hesitant to pick up the latest one. Upon doing so I’ve spiraled into the pits of starry eyed fans, all eager for anything Miyazaki has touched. As I am wont to do during these times, I have been pursuing video content and journalism on ev...[Read More]



Trial By Viking

Trial by Viking is a stage-based platformer that has players jumping, throwing axes, and trying to find all of the sun stones in each stage. Upgrade abilities to tackle monsters from Norse myth, all with the goal of stopping Loki.



Trial By Viking Review

When the synopsis of Trial By Viking hit my inbox, I’ll admit that I was excited. After coming off the heels of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse a few months ago and Axiom Verge after that, I was hungry for more Metroidvania style games. Trial By Viking is described to have Metroidvania elements in its marketing and store page, however this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Nvidia Shows Off Jaw-Dropping DOOM Gameplay

Doom officially launches on the 13th of May, with midnight release events happening at retailers all over. Nvidia decided to wow crowds early by playing a level of Bethesda’s newest game. Using a Vulkan API on a GeForce GTX. Needless to say, Doom has never looked better. Watch the carnage below. An uncompressed version can be downloaded in the description of the Youtube upload.

Capcom Goodness in new Humble Bundle

Ah, what a great service Humble Bundle is. For those who are unaware, Humble Bundle has been teaming up with game developers and charity groups in an effort to raise money for those in need, by providing heavily discounted games in bundles. While they mostly deal in PC games, mobile and console games, books, comics, and movies have been featured. Over the years, many larger companies have been all...[Read More]

KINGDOM HEARTS UNCHAINED χ Downloaded Over 2 Million Times in North America

Surprised? Me neither, but good news besides. With a lot of funding riding on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV this September, Square Enix had to make some ground in other ways. Out of all the development teams out there, Square Enix has effectively capitalized on the mobile gaming market, albeit their software is usually a bit too expensive. Just last month, a new entry into the long running and bel...[Read More]

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