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Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!

Scalebound Co-Op Gameplay Revealed

Scalebound is a game about battling massive monsters alongside an awesome dragon buddy made by Platinum Games. If you’re not already rushing to pre-order, go see a doctor, you may be dead. At Microsoft’s event, new gameplay footage showing off a massive boss fight was shown off, which included help from other players via Co-Op. Watch the battle below.

General Raam Confirmed for Killer Instinct

It was suspected a while back that General Raam, one of the first baddies to put fear into players of Gears of War, was joining the Killer Instinct roster. Now we know for sure, General Raam is a beast that can tango with Fulgore and crew with no problems. Check out Raam’s official review from the Microsoft live stream below.

Xbox Live is Bringing Gamers Together in New Ways

New features are coming to Xbox Live and the Xbox One interface later this year. With the goal of creating a well-maintained, safe, and fun place for anyone to play anywhere, Microsoft is taking the feedback they’ve gained over the years and molding into a better experience. Most of these features not only affect the console family and Windows 10 PC, but also involves the Xbox Live app on iO...[Read More]

How Xbox One is Expanding Hardware with Slim and Project Scorpio

The Xbox One has already seen a few different versions, the first noteworthy change was the release of the Elite system with a hybrid drive and the impressive Elite controller. As leaks swirled about the net, we learned that the next Xbox system will be the Xbox One Slim, following a trend that the 360 started with its slim line and later the E Model. Following Microsoft’s live press event, ...[Read More]

Battlefield 1 Details Reveal Dynamic Warfare

Battlefield 1, so far looks like a great way to add some variety to the sea of first person shooters adopting the more modern landscape. Going back to World War I opens up some crazy possibilities and judging by the recent footage, DICE is determined to make the most with the setting and the technology available. This combination literally creates the perfect storm, as dynamic weather and more ens...[Read More]

ReCore Images and Release Date Leak Ahead of E3 Schedule

Two new images have surfaced early for a game that I had no idea of, ReCore. Created by Keiji Inafune’s Comcept Studios, yes the father of Megaman, with help from Microsoft Studios.

Xbox One Slim Image Leaked

What a sleek looking system! While Microsoft will probably be making an official announcement about the Xbox One Slim during either E3 as a whole or during their press event, an image and some minor details have leaked ahead of time. Overall the design is rumored to be about 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. While the hard drive looks to be 2TB, the largest hard drive to date without an exte...[Read More]

Dead Rising 4 Images Leaked ahead of Microsoft Show

Dead Rising 4 looks to be taking the tried and true method of killing waves of the undead with ridiculous weaponry to the next degree. A collection of images and truly brutal GIFs show off the games over the top violence and the inclusion of some sort of exo-suit.



Fenix Furia Review

Fenix Furia by Green Lava Studios brings out the best and worst in its players. Imagine Super Meat Boy, with less meat and saw blades and more little green blobs that can cause death on touch. Unique to Fenix Furia is its infinite jump system, which I was unaware of going in blind until almost completely through the first world. Luckily enough, the game’s level design compliments the mechani...[Read More]



Fenix Furia

Fenix Furia fills the niche that was left by games like Super Meat Boy. Furia is a game that allows players to jump and dash infinitely, dodging death at every turn. Each move requires perfect precision with trial and error coming in rapid succession.

Injustice 2 Gameplay Revealed

Right before the start of E3, NetherRealm Studios announced a sequel to one of the best super hero based fighting games since Marvel VS Capcom. Injustice 2‘s information may be coming to light quicker than expected due to a poster being leaked by a retailer, but either way NetherRealm has embraced bringing this game out into the public. At first, only the poster and the cinematic trailer was...[Read More]

Two New Sun and Moon Pokemon Announced

Earlier this week, two new Pokemon that will make the Sun and Moon roster were revealed to be Nekkoala and Iwanko. Note that these two names are the Japanese to English translations and may not reflect their localized names. Nekkoala is of course, the koala looking Pokemon. It is known as the Contagious Dream Pokemon and will be a Normal Type. It may even be able to learn the Dream Eater attack, w...[Read More]

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