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Avid collector of Funko Pop! items, Pokemon and video games. You may have seen my past work at SFX-360/DigitalNoob. When I’m not collecting great things I’m writing news, previews, reviews and running giveaways.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Final DLC

Ever since I started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, it has been a game I couldn’t help but play for hours. Today, Square Enix is proud to announce some new DLC for this awesome title. What is this DLC, you say? Whatever it is, it’s the final set of DLC that FFXIII-2 is going to receive.

New Tracks Coming to Dance Central 2

Are you ready to download some new tracks and dance the night way with some new songs? Harmonix has announced some new tracks coming soon to a Dance Central 2 near you. What are these tracks coming in for our enjoyment? They’re songs by the Spice Girls, Diddy-Dirty Money, A Tribe Called Quest, and even Flo-Rida.

Paramore Tracks Come to Rock Band

I’m a huge fan of the band Paramore, but it has been a while since I listed to them or played a track via Rock Band. Recently, Harmonix announced a new track pack known as “Paramore Pack 01.” Does this mean more later on? For the track list of this DLC, take a look below:

Review: Cat Planet Cuties (Anime)

What would it be like if an alien came to our world and you were the first to meet it? Now I have another question…what if it looked just like a human, yet it had cat ears and a tail and was VERY sexy? Of course, this would be any nerd’s fantasy since, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a girl in cosplay? Lately I’ve been watching the new series Cat Planet Cuties, and I can say I’ve been...[Read More]

Review: Black Butler Season 1 & Season 2 (Anime)

When some friends of mine first told me about Black Butler, I watched a few episodes. Now, it’s been a long time since I watched those first few episodes, so I didn’t remember the series much, other than the butler and the kid he’s tasked with watching over. One thing you’ll discover is that he’s one hell of a butler. If things weren’t going your way, your famil...[Read More]

Anime Review: The Legend of Legendary Heroes

When it comes to being in an adventure, everyone wants to be the hero, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to plan out a grand adventure, kill some bad guys, and save the day? But what if your hero had the power to kill everyone, and you tried your best to keep that power from awakening? That’s what we seem to have here in the anime series The Legend of Legendary Heroes. I wouldn’t say it’s bad to ha...[Read More]

Twisted Pixel Issues Challenge #4 in Ms. Splosion Man

Do you still play Ms. Splosion Man on Xbox Live? I do, and still enjoy it, even though I’ve yet to beat the final few levels. Well, Twisted Pixel has some good news for you! As you know, from time to time Twisted Pixel will issue challenges in which the top 5 performers might win something. What are they doing this time? In this challenge Twisted Pixel has announced that players will be comp...[Read More]

New Screenshots in for Hitman Absolution

Do you enjoy games such as the Hitman series? Today, Square Enix released two screenshots after yesterday’s release of the “HOPE NEWS TIMES,” the fictional local newspaper of Hope, South Dakota. What happened yesterday? Some killings happened in Hope! Was this a prank gone wrong or our favorite Hitman doing his job?

SEGA adds more classic games to Steam

Are you looking for more classic games from SEGA? No need to look further, as SEGA has released a large list of classic titles on Steam, listed below. Who doesn’t want to adventure through some awesome classic games which we all grew up with? I know if I was an owner of a well built gaming PC I’d be playing some of the games below, as well as many other titles that catch my eye.

Saints Row: The Third – Enter The Dominatrix Coming Soon

Now, as many of you may remember, on April 1st (aka, April Fools Day), an email went out to the press joking about new Saints Row: The Third expansion, titled, “Enter The Dominatrix.” I, of course, laughed at this “news” and joked with a friend at Volition that, while fake, it was a great idea, and should totally come out. Since that day, I’ve crossed my fingers that ...[Read More]

Black Ops II Pushes Boundaries

When it comes to the Call of Duty franchise I have mixed feelings. Some of these feelings are good, and others somewhat bad. We’ve already heard the news that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be set in the year 2025 which will allow players to see new weaponry, robotics, and so much more.

Anime Review: Sands of Destruction

When I first heard of the FUNimation anime title Sands of Destruction, I thought to myself, “This will be an interesting series to watch.” Little did I know that the anime is based on a 2010 Nintendo DS role-playing game published by SEGA. Now, we’ve grown used to many movie adaptations of video games, and video game adaptations of movies, that almost always end up sucking. With that s...[Read More]

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