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EA and Maxis Launch The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff

The Sims™ 4 fans have spoken, and they want Laundry Day stuff! Built in collaboration with players and fans through a series of online votes, Maxis developed a unique stuff pack that offers players and their Sims tons of fun as they wash, scrub, and hang-dry their clothes.

Get Ready to Be Blasted Necrosofts’s game GunHouse Has Launched

Tons of gamers out there enjoy tower defense games as well as puzzle games. Well here is some news for you! For lovers of puzzle and tower defense games, indie studio Necrosoft is launching their weird hybrid hit Gunhouse on Nintendo Switch . The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 and is compatible with joycons, the pro controller, and the touch screen. You can even switch between ...[Read More]



Mimoco Powerbot Review

When I was given the opportunity to review Mimico’s Powerbot charger at PAX East 2016, I jumped at the chance. Who can’t use another portable charger these days? With PAX East killing batteries quickly and everyday life draining power it’s something worth checking out. Not to mention one that boasts 3 full phone charges of power that comes in cute animal shapes. I was sold, and picked the pa...[Read More]



LG G5 Review

As I’m writing this, I’ve been an LG G5 owner for a little over three months. Since I’m not usually one to own a new gadget as soon as it comes out I wanted to take a stab at reviewing my new phone.




The new LG G5 is designed to help you get the most out of life. A forward-thinking modular design lets you use companion devices for enhanced camera capabilities. The slide-out battery can be swapped in a flash to help you stay connected. With these and more LG Friends to come, it's customization made easy.

Erin’s PAX East 2016 Highlights

2016 marked my second attendance of PAX East, and this type of expo in general. Year two was definitely a different experience from year one, in that I spent more time exploring on my own instead of just waiting for Andrew to finish appointments. I also attended several appointments with Andrew in order to get a better feel for how to represent Marooner’s Rock when speaking with developers. Here a...[Read More]

Pop Cap Games Announces Mobile Game Plants Vs Zombies Heroes

It’s the lawn of a new battle! Thursday, PopCap Games announced Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, the latest entry to the beloved PvZ Universe. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is now available on mobile in select territories, and coming soon worldwide.

Super Arc Light Available to Download Later this Month on Android and iOS

On Thursday, All 4 Games announced that Super Arc Light, No Code Studios’ arcade radial shooter, will be available to download from the App Store, the Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore later this month. What is Super Arc Light you ask? Let’s find out below!



Psycho-Pass Review

Imagine living in a city where law enforcement and the legal system have been essentially automated. Law enforcement officers carry weapons connected to a computer network that analyzes each suspect they encounter and determine the culpability of that suspect. The weapon then quantifies their guilt–assigning a Crime Coefficient–and deploys the punishment deemed appropriate. No judge, n...[Read More]



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Psycho-Pass (Japanese: サイコパス Hepburn: Saiko Pasu) (stylized as PSYCHO-PASS) is a anime television series that was produced by Production I.G, directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani & Katsuyuki Motohiro and written by Gen Urobuchi.

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