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He just graduated from Western Illinois University where all he did was write. On his free time he enjoys going out to Chicago and enjoying the company of his friends. Also, Go Cubs!!! His favorite game is Borderlands 2, favorite movie is The Social Network, and his favorite TV show is Dexter. Yes, he has very diverse taste.



Destiny 2 Review – What The Original Should Have Been

Destiny has come a long way from it’s original release in 2014, settling into arguably one of the most divisive games in the industry. I remember playing the original beta and thought this would end up becoming one of the best games I’d ever get to play. Although we all know how the mixed reception of the game had been received upon release. Destiny was never considered a “bad game” by any means n...[Read More]

Details Leaked On Destiny 2’s First Expansion

Destiny 2 has been out for less than a week and has already millions of players according to Bungie’s Blog. In that time I’m still currently playing it as it is quite a massive game. Like the first Destiny, the sequel will be an ongoing experience with all kinds of future updates, Raids, and of course DLC. Players who purchased the full Deluxe Edition received the Expansion Pass for al...[Read More]

Becoming a Guardian Once More, Destiny 2 Early Impressions

First impressions are everything, especially in a huge RPG. So far I have sunk about 8 hours into Destiny 2 and in that time the game has made quite the impression. During the first several hours, Destiny 2 has managed to convince me that Bungie really did listen to their fans’ feedback. I couldn’t tell you any sort of narrative moment within the first Destiny, and quite honestly I pre...[Read More]

Gearbox Teases More Information On Borderlands 3

At PAX West this past weekend, Gearbox held their usual panel. In the presentation, CEO Randy Pitchford shed some more light on the unannounced-yet-pretty-much-announced Borderlands 3. Fans like myself have been aching to get an announcement on the new sequel, but Gearbox has stayed pretty quiet about it, with the exception of little hints here and there. I attended the PAX East Panel this past Ma...[Read More]

Beta Keys Giveaway for Digital Extreme’s The Amazing Eternals

Marooners’ Rock just got a ton of keys for the upcoming beta of The Amazing Eternals. From Digital Extremes, the creators of the free-to-play Warframe, Amazing Eternal is a strategic first-person team-based shooter. Like the popular Warframe, Amazing Eternal will also be a free-to-play game. Before it’s release, however, there will be a closed beta for players to get a taste of what...[Read More]

Unstable Unicorns: Tabletop Game Met Its Kickstarter Goal Extremely Quickly

Yes, there is literally a card game being made called Unstable Unicorns, and its as silly as it sounds. The impressive part to take notice is how quickly the funding goal for this game was met. In just a little over an hour, their Kickstarter fund was 100% fully met. Of course, with a name like Unstable Unicorns, it’s no surprise that it got a lot of attention straight away. Their tagline re...[Read More]

Call of Duty: WWII Beta Code Giveaway

The private beta for the highly anticipated Call of Duty: WWII is less than 2 days away! The newest addition to the franchise is going back to its roots with a World War II setting. This mean more boots on the ground and less jet-packs, for which many fans of the series are excited for. For anyone who is still on the fence about picking it up but still is curious, Marooners’ Rock is giving a...[Read More]

Did Target Just Leak A Bethesda Game of Thrones Video Game?

Well, Target is at it again! The popular retailer may have just accidentally leaked information of yet another upcoming video game. A listing on their website was blank, but the title was enough to stir up some conversation: “Bethesda: Game of Thrones.” After literally just finishing the season 7 finale of HBO’s epic fantasy series a few minutes ago, I must say this is without th...[Read More]



Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy  is the newest addition to the critically acclaimed Uncharted series. Lost Legacy was originally set to be a small add on DLC to 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but production went underway and it became something much bigger. Naughty Dog then decided to release this as a stand alone spin-off of the series. With Nathan Drake’s story ending in A Thief’s End, Lost Legac...[Read More]



Yakuza Kiwami (PlayStation 4) Review

Yakuza Kiwami is a complete remake of the original Yakuza, but also a sort of sequel to the recent prequel, Yakuza 0 (that was a mouthful). The original game was released over a decade ago in 2005, and has now been built from scratch with the Yakuza 0 engine. While remakes are going to implement a sense of nostalgia for fans of the original game, this remake also serves as a continuation to the fr...[Read More]

Planet of the Apes: Last Fronter – Video Game Tie-in Revealed

Well, apparently we are getting a video game based on the Planet of the Apes series. Did anyone really ask for this? Not really, but after watching the trailer and a few minutes of gameplay, I can’t say I’m not a little excited. Lead actor Andy Serkis had let us know that there would be a video game tie-in before War for the Planet of the Apes came out. From what it looks like, this ga...[Read More]

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Will Now Have Microtransactions

Well, the highly anticipated Shadow of War may come under some heat after Monolith’s most recent announcement regarding the sequel. Monolith and WB Games have made some announcements regarding Shadow of War’s customization features and, most notably, how microtransactions are thrown into the mix. That word alone can rub some gamers the wrong way, but Monolith has explained their case a...[Read More]

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