Kurt Thingvold

32 years ago, a legend was born. Some say, he had risen from the ashes of the fallen Atari empire, others say: He was born in Illinois and no were near California in 1985. And saved the universe twice. Kurt enjoys gaming, writing, and being good a husband. He lives with his wife and pets in Illinois.

Death Squared Releases July 13th on Nintendo Switch

Get the robots ready! Death Squared is coming to the Nintendo Switch, July 13th! Get ready for a fun game that you can play solo or with friends in your very own home. While some of our staff have played the game, this is one title you’ll want to check out.

Layton’s Real World Puzzle Solving Launches

Level 5 Studios are teaming up with the makers of the original “Real Escape Game,” Scrap Entertainment Inc. are bringing to life Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving, an unprecedented 10-country promotion that challenges Layton fan’s to solve puzzles all over the world.  The first puzzle was released yesterday and featuring PIKOTARO and in the style of PPAP.

Wildfire Preview – Burning my Fingers

Stealth games have come a long in way in the last thirty years. From single maps to huge open world settings. Originality is key to new entries into the genre and that is where Wildfire by Sneaky Bastards comes into play.

Why You Can’t Pre-Order Xbox One X, Yet.

The announcement of a new console is exciting for two groups: developers and players. The decision to launch a console is an impressive feat.  The sheer amount of work is mind-boggling, from marketing, design specifications, and a set price point.  Microsoft announced the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) to fans screaming and clapping.   So, why can’t fans throw money and pre-order?

Call Of Cthulu Trailer Brings The Horror

Focus home entertainment and Cyanide Studios revealed a trailer for Call Of Cthulhu: The Video Game, and might I say: this looks promising.

Why I’m Excited For Metroid: Samus Returns

I’m going to start out and say it, I’ve never been a fan of the Metroid series.  The games are long and confusing to navigate, and did I mention, hard? Yeah, not a huge fan of playing Metroid games, and Metroid: Samus Returns may change my mind.

Destiny 2 Ships Early, Beta Dates, and Exclusive Content

If you’re a fan of Destiny, you may need to re-schedule your vacation as Destiny 2 will be released early.

Deconstructed Xbox One X is Captivating

At this year’s E3, Microsoft displayed diorama of a deconstructed Xbox One X, and boy does it look fantastic and edgy, but mostly, it remains captivating for those lucky enough to be at the Expo to see it first hand.

Xbox One X Release Date Look and Price Announced During E3 2017

Sunday during Microsoft’s press event they revealed their newest console Xbox One X, formerly “Project Scorpio.

25th Anniversary Sonic Statue Revealed

Sega announced this morning that there will be a statue to go along with Sonic’s 25th birthday, and boy does it look exciting!

Use Your GameStop Trades Towards Amazon Cash

Gamestop will allow customers to use their trade in credit towards Amazon Cash.  The program is starting on June 7th.

Need for Speed Payback Announced

Ghost Games and EA have officially released screenshots and a trailer of their next entry into the Need for Speed franchise. The new game will be titled Need For Speed Payback and will be coming to retailers on November 10th.

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