Kurt Thingvold

32 years ago, a legend was born. Some say, he had risen from the ashes of the fallen Atari empire, others say: He was born in Illinois and no were near California in 1985. And saved the universe twice. Kurt enjoys gaming, writing, and being good a husband. He lives with his wife and pets in Illinois.

Rockstar delays Read Dead Redemption 2 to 2018

Rockstar, announced today that their western epic will be pushed back until spring of 2018.



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Mages Of Mystralia Review (PC)

Mages have a long history with video games. They are sometimes cast as villains and other times as members of the party. So, what makes magic fun? I had the chance to play Mages of Mystralia and now, I feel, that the question can finally be answered.

Halo 6 Vacant From Microsoft’s Press Show

Surprising news for Halo fans, Halo 6 will not be featured at this years Microsoft’s E3 press show.

Square Enix says “Goodbye” to Hitman developer

Square Enix announced during their annual financial report that they will be separating from IO interactive. This came as a bit of a shock, as there were at least two more seasons worth of content being planned for the latest Hitman game, one that has been critically acclaimed, but also criticized for its episodic structure.

Deadly Premonition – The Board Game Crowd Funded

Surprise, Deadly Premonition is getting a board game adaptation!

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