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Hardcore gaming enthusiast and a die-hard competitor. Former writer at Gamersbliss. When I am not playing music, sports or video games, I am spending time with loved ones. Hoping to one day travel the world while working in the video game industry.

Black Ops 3 Revelations DLC Info Supposedly Leaked

Earlier this week, Activision announced that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare would feature a zombies game mode; details regarding Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s zombies mode are supposed to be revealed on August 16th when the Call of Duty: Infinite warfare package is allowed to be open. Although we know that there will be a zombies mode in Infinite Warfare, Zombies players around the world ...[Read More]

League of Legends World Championship Finale Ticket Site has Major Issues

If you are a PC gamer and a M.O.B.A fanatic then you more than likely know that League of Legends has the biggest online community followed by DOTA and Overwatch. Today,  Riot Games released tickets to the League of Legends World Championship finals at the Staples Center through the Staples Center’s website AXS. com and by phone but everything did not go so smoothly. 

An Inside Look at Mafia III’s Cassandra

Since its announcement at Gamescom 2015, fans of the Mafia franchise have eagerly awaited Mafia III. Mafia III takes place in New Orleans  during 1968. Bill Harms, lead writer for 2K Games Mafia III, Ed Fowler & Charles Webb look to give insight on Mafia III’s character, Cassandra the leader of the Haitian gang.

QuakeCon 2016 Shows off New Dishonored 2 Gameplay

Last week at QuakeCon 2016, Arkane Co-creative Director Harvey Smith showed off new Dishonored 2 gameplay to a packed audience behind closed doors. Smith demonstrated Corvo’s newly enhanced powers while displaying the game’s thematic level design and Dishonored 2’s exciting new setting.

Rumor: Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex Potentially Leaked

Rockers! We are just a little over three months away from the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.  Since its  unofficial reveal in February, Pokemon trainers have been spoiled with the access amount of Pokemon Sun and Moon information that has been revealed over the last few months. Earlier new information was potentially leaked regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon’s upcoming Pokedex entries.

John Hanke CEO of Niantics Twitter Hacked

Since the release of Pokemon GO, the game has had a large variety of issues. Last week, a group of hackers disrupted the Pokemon GO servers making the game difficult to play for trainers all around the world. Today, yet another hacking has happened but this time, it is to the CEO of Niantics Twitter. 

Wonder Woman And Blue Beetle Join Injustice 2 Cast

Earlier this week, a teaser for the next two new Injustice 2 characters to be announced was released stating that two new characters would be revealed during San Diego Comic Con. Today we learned that Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle will join the Injustice 2 roster.  

PokeRadar Developed to Help Find Pokemon

Over the last two weeks, the world has been enamored with Pokemon Go with trainers young and old going out and about to search for their favorite Pokemon. With the launch of any game comes a variety glitches but one glitch has made Pokemon Go rather difficult; the glitch that is being referred to is the Pokemon detection system. Because of the glitch, the Pokemon Go community has banded together t...[Read More]

Pokemon Searches on Pornhub Rise After Pokemon GO Release (SFW)

As of July 11, searches on Pornhub containing the word “Pokemon” rose 136%  after the release of Pokemon GO. Because of this spike in searches Pornhub set out to discover what demographics of trainers were searching for Pokemon on Pornhub.

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga Announced at Anime Expo

Anime Expo is known as one of the biggest anime conventions in North America, so it comes as no surprise that Funimation and other entertainment companies are revealing upcoming projects left and right. Earlier today Funimation Entertainment announced that they had secured the rights to Drifters, which you can read here. 

Funimation Acquires International Rights to Drifters

Minutes ago, Funimation Entertainment revealed at their annual Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2016 to a full capacity audience that they had acquired the rights to Drifters.

Windows 10 Anniversary Brings Music to Xbox One

On August 2, Windows 10 will receive an Anniversary update which will bring a multitude of gaming features. With it will come the Xbox Play Anywhere feature that Phil Spencer talked about during Xbox’s press conference this year.

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