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Traveler, competitive eater, swag master, cookie brigadier, and promotional marketing genius. Choose one title or combine them all to figure out what Shane is on any day of the year. Also, tweet at him during PAX for cookie deliveries. (This isn't a joke.)

Ubisoft’s Announces PAX West 2017 Lineup

PAX West is only a week away and Ubisoft has finally announced their show floor lineup. Be one of the first fans to do some aerial dogfighting and take out cultists in a hands on demo of Farcry 5. If that’s not exciting enough, how about a competition open to everyone for a chance to win a special Farcry 5 Pinny Arcade pin! You and seven competitors will tame the great outdoors in, you guess...[Read More]

Beta Testing Begins for Mobile MOBA Flame vs Blaze

Square Enix is back with more news on the game FLAME vs BLAZE. As part of a closed beta, SE offers gamers within North Ameria a chance to play and define the future of this fast-paced MOBA. Square Enix has confirmed that a closed beta for FLAME vs BLAZE is now accepting applications exclusively on iOS. Players will have the chance to participate in the closed beta and ultimately define the future ...[Read More]

Conan Exiles Launches on Xbox Game Preview Tomorrow

Only one day to go until Conan Exiles makes its much anticipated launch on Xbox One. It will be part of the Game Preview program which is the equivalent to Early Access for PC releases. Included in the release will be the free brand new expansion update The Frozen North. In this update there will be the introduction of a ton of new content and features and an expansion of the base game world by 70...[Read More]

Trove Eclipse Livestream Series Starting Today

Trove is now on an even playing field on all platforms and it’s time for an update! Get ready and get hyped from some amazing streams from the Trove devs that will show off something special coming later this month. Each Friday at 12:30 PM PST the Trion Worlds’ team will be showing off a new feature that will be included in the Trove Eclipse update. This will culminate with a special E...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch PAX South Hands-On Preview

I asked everyone in the queue line what they were running to, what they wanted to see first. The obvious answer was the Nintendo Switch, which is definitely what most were waiting patiently for. The same thing was true of most of the press at the show. It was more orderly, but both sides of the booth were packed with a line and I took the shorter route to try out multiple games over trying The Leg...[Read More]

HoloCube VR by Merge – PAX South Hands-On

I hadn’t done much during the designated press hour other than meet up with some friends, try to make a plan of attack, and raise some money with cookies.  I had a lot to look forward to during PAX South and I was getting to start it off by playing with something that made me tilt my head and have no idea what to expect. Merge VR had sent me a short email about the HoloCube and the one picture ins...[Read More]

Lucid Sound LS40 PAX South Hands-On Preview

With PAX South being in full swing at the time, one of my many appointments was with the Lucid Sound team. Some of you reading may know that in the past we have done a review of the Lucid Sound LS30 Wireless Headset. When I saw that they were introducing the LS40 as a flagship product, I knew I wanted to stop by and have a listen.

LEGO Dimensions Reveals Wave 8 Packs

Toys to life games are still alive and kicking and for all of you Lego Dimensions fans you might be getting something you’ve been waiting for. Warner Bros. Interactive has announced the wave 8 sets including: The Goonies Level Pack, the Harry Potter Fun Pack and LEGO City Fun Pack.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Masters Edition available for Online Pre-order Only

If you are one of those Zelda fans looking to get your hands on the best of the best, you better get online and get your pre-order in now.

Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game

Everyone loves a dice game for game night or on the run. Add a Batman theme and it’s time to press your luck in Gotham City. Here’s your chance to play in one of the most popular themes in pop culture while having the same enjoyment as other Steve Jackson Games such as Zombie Dice, Cthulu Dice, and Trophy Buck.

Funimation Announces Advanced Ticket Sales for One Piece Film: Gold

Funimation Films has opened up ticket sales for the North American theater release of One Piece Film: Gold that will occur between January 10-17, 2017. TIcket prices are not standard and will be set by your theater. Remember that the about of showtimes will be limited so check out theaters near you and plan accordingly. Check out the link at the bottom of this press release for more movie informat...[Read More]

Zotac Launches VR GO Backpack for a Less Cluttered and Freedom Packed VR Experience

Earlier in 2016 at Computex, Zotac unveiled their newest product, the VR GO Backpack. After a five month wait, the final product is ready for purchase and is a comfortable and elegant solution to the mess and headache a traditional virtual reality setup can create. This is not just a VR backpack, but also a detachable mini-PC with top of the line hardware that is smartly designed for gaming at a d...[Read More]

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