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Fanime 2014: Viz Media Panel

Viz Media Panel at FanimeCon 2014 Camerawork by Ahmed Al-Sheikh


VIZ Media Invites You to Celebrate Free Comic Book Day

As a Gold Level sponsor, VIZ Media is inviting you to visit your local comic book store to pick up two free comic books. They have contributed the following: Uglydoll and Hello Kitty graphic novels. A fun video featuring a few […]


Prepare for Splinter Cell Blacklist with Splinter Cell Echoes Comic

Splinter Cell is returning in a big way next year with Blacklist, following up the events of Conviction with the closing of the Third Echelon and the founding of the Fourth Echelon, with series protagonist Sam Fisher at its head. […]


Spider-Men is coming in June

This summer is going to be one hell of an interesting one for Spider-Man. Marvel’s greatest hero is already starting his possible greatest epic against the Sinister Six in Ends of the Earth, and with the film reboot coming out, […]


Kaine continues to leave his mark in “Scarlet Spider”!

If someone told me that Kaine, the infamous evil Spider-Man clone from the much maligned 90’s epic known as the Clone Saga, would be starring in a hit spinoff comic (let alone one named after the other Spidey clone), I […]


Avengers vs. X-Men: Preview Issue #01

Marvel Comics has had a real hard-on lately for “events” in their universe. Eschewing the path of simply allowing characters to play out their own adventures and missions within their own titles, Earth 616 has seen back to back, and […]


AvX Battle Center: Episode 1 – Captain America vs. Cyclops

The Avengers vs. X-Men event draws ever closer, and in anticipation of hero vs. hero, Marvel will be releasing episodic breakdowns of some of the event’s big battles.


Fantastic Four: Season One Now Available

I remember recess being one of the highlights of the day when I was but a mischievous little lad in elementary school. We would run out to the field in a direct line to what we referred to as the […]


The life and times of the Sinister Six

March is going to be an interesting time to be Spider-Man. The Sinister Six are coming back in a major storyline called “Ends of the Earth” (starting in March’s Amazing Spider-Man #682), and it seems like they’re about to earn […]


Agent 47 makes his way to the printed page again in Hitman: Damnation

I’ve always thought that the Hitman series of video games would lend themselves well to novelization. The aspects of patience, detail, and attention in Hitman would make for great suspense on the page. Apparently I wasn’t alone in this thought, […]