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F2P Game AirMech Comes To Xbox 360 in Summer

I’ve been a huge fan of Free-to-Play games, which offer you a full game for free if you’re willing to work hard to earn it. On Xbox 360 we have games such as Warface, Ascend: Hand of Kul and even […]


Guitar Hero DLC Catalog Expiring at End of March

It’s a sad day when you learn that all the DLC for Guitar Hero will be taken down, right? It seems downloadable songs for Activision’s many Hero based games (Guitar Hero, Band Hero, etc.) will no longer be on sale March […]


Meet Ellie and Chloe in Conception II’s Latest Trailers

With the release of Conception II getting closer Atlus is at full force to show off the characters you’ll play as. Today, Atlus is here with the third and forth characters also known as Ellie and Chloe. If you missed out […]


Meet Fuuko in Conception II’s Latest Trailer

Atlus is at it once again with yet another trailer for you about the playable characters in the upcoming PS Vita and 3DS game Conception II. This time Atlus is sharing more details on the character known as Fuuko. Atlus […]


Fanime 2013 Video Round-Up

Fanime 2013 has come and gone, and after much trial and tribulation, the videos from said con are ready to be seen.


New Anime Coming To Neon Alley

You may have heard about  the 24 hour anime channel “Neon Alley”, now available on gaming consoles. For those who have not, it is an app that you can download for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It is available at $6.99 a month, and […]


NIS America to Release Hanasaku Iroha Volume 2 This July

In the midst of Pixar and the pulling way from hand drawn animation here in the US, Anime holds a nostalgic place in my heart. Whenever a new Anime comes along with a story I’m really interested in I try […]


Doctor Who Limited Edition Gift Set Coming November

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? It’s had a major surge in popularity over the last couple of years here in the States, so it’s more and more common to find people who are becoming fans of the classic […]


Toonami Announces Line-up of Awesome Anime Titles

The recent announcement of Toonami’s return had everyone on Twitter and Facebook jumping for joy. Now, it seems that the list of shows has been announced. Jason DeMarco, now VP of Marketing and Promotions for Cartoon Network, confirmed this listing […]


Toonami’s Back, Bitches

Just moments ago, Adult Swim made an announcement on Twitter. “Attention Toonami Faithful: We heard you. On 05.26.12 #ToonamisBackBitches.” Now, when I glanced at Twitter and saw this news, I absolutely went crazy, as I used to watch Toonami back […]