Middle Earth: Shadow of War Leaked on Target’s Website

Earlier this month, WB Games let us know about an upcoming announcement slated for March 8th. Speculation went through the roof (of course), with the 2 biggest theories being either a new Batman title, or a sequel to the 2014 hit Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Well it seems that a leak on Target’s website may have just spoiled the surprise, showing us a retail price and box art for Middle E...[Read More]

Game Grumps Finally Teams Up with Wendy’s

Fresh, never frozen beef. This is a phrase that drives the business of Wendy’s and has been on the tip of Arin Hanson’s tongue for years. For those watching the daily antics of Game Grumps, seeing Wendy’s actually pay some attention to the Let’s Play group seemed like an impossibility, one that was shattered by an unlikely opportunity. Yes, Arin has always been very forward...[Read More]

Switch Accessories Photos Appear Online

Recently some leaked images have been surfacing of the products launching alongside Nintendo’s long awaited portable hybrid, the Switch. This includes the usual fair of extra controllers, cables, and such, but also shares a blue, Zelda-themed starter kit that looks pretty interesting. Maybe Nintendo Switch’s launch isn’t so barren after all. Some of these accessories definitely s...[Read More]

New Dragonslayer and Sorceress Skins Coming to LoL

Rockers and League of Legends players around the world, the League of Legends champion Zyra is finally getting a new skin almost three years after the release of SKT T1 Zyra.  Within the next few months, summoners around the world will be able to play as a new Dragonslayer and Dragon Sorceress.

Games with Gold For March 2017 Announced

Every once in a while you need to get away from the garbage life throws at you. During those moments, it is best to stay calm and do something you love in order to take your mind off of those troublesome worries. Like last year, Microsoft will be given away a Borderlands game to Xbox Life Gold members through the Games with Gold program.

Cards Against Humanity Teams Up With Bioware

I could sit here and make a handful of clever jokes that get the job done, but instead: FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY AND BIOWARE ARE TEAMING UP. Now that that is out of my system, let’s get to the facts. Today it was announced that a Mass Effect Pack is coming.

The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor Announced

One of my favorite games from last year is getting a slick updated version for Consoles. That’s right, The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year. No official date has been announced, but some details have been slipped to us by the lovely folks over at Puuba.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta Times Released

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is due out in almost two weeks. While we got to get our hands dirty a couple weeks ago in the Closed Beta, a lot of us have been itching to visit Bolivia again. Good thing the Open Beta is drawing near, and Ubisoft has announced what time the Beta goes live.

Good News Everyone! A New Futurama Game is In The Works!

Futurama may be relegated to perpetual reruns on TV, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t ever going to get new content. Just announced today, TinyCo and Fox Interactive will be bringing Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow to mobile later this year!

Grab Your Nintendo Switch User ID Before Someone Else Does!

Get a leg up on your Nintendo Switch by claiming your User ID starting today. As with Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, Nintendo is planning a paid subscription service for online access, including multiplayer lobbies and voice chat via a smart device. The Nintendo User ID takes the same role that a Gamertag does on Xbox, replacing the hot-mess known as the Friend Code, which were strings of ...[Read More]

Leaked Switch Was Stolen, Unit Returned to Nintendo

Alright, so the internet has been a buzz with that video posted by the NeoGaf user, hiphoptherobot, which showcased setting up the Nintendo Switch and utilizing its touch interface. At the time, hiphoptherobot told people that the unit had come from an unnamed retailer who broke the street date. Come to find out, the unit was more than likely stolen by an employee and has been caught, terminated f...[Read More]

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Info Revealed

Rockers are you a fan of dungeon crawlers or a fan of the now iconic Diablo 2? Since its release in 2013, Path of Exile has often been considered the spiritual successor of the Blizzard classic. So Path of Exile fans get ready because Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath is coming!

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