The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser Trailer Released

Last Friday, we had The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer dropped on us as hard as Lucille was onto one of our dear cast member’s head. (Sorry, too soon?) I have read all of the comics, and must watch each episode as it airs. You can say I am sort of obsessed. So I thought it would be enjoyable to analyze the trailer, throw out some theories and see what you all think will happen. If you are a fan of ...[Read More]

Out Now- SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell

Pine Studio and Headup Games are both proud to announce that their newest title SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is now out on Steam! Before we get too indepth with details, what is this? Imagine if Doom/Quake 3, Portal, and Super Meat Boy had a love child. That is essentially what this game is.

Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Delayed

While the device was set to release at the end of July, the Pokemon Go Plus accessory will now be shooting for September. As unfortunate as this is for wannabe Pokemon Masters, this move is likely an attempt to meet demand and ensure the product holds up to Nintendo’s standards. Nintendo themselves broke the unfortunate news this morning on their Twitter account.

Xbox Games With Gold August 2016 Titles Announced

Every month, Xbox adds new titles for Games with Gold members, allowing them to download the games for free for a limited time. For August 2016, the four titles are as follows: For Xbox One: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (normally $59.99 USD) WWE 2K16 (normally $39.99 USD) Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate  will be available from August 1-31, and features an epic time-travel battle between the heroes of man...[Read More]

Get Ready To Catch Even More: New Pokemon Announced

Take a seat Pokefans and rest those legs from your treks across the wilderness hunting for the wonderful creatures known as Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Earlier this week, we got a few new Pokemon announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon. While some are drawing criticism, some are smash hits. I personally like them all, but we will get to that criticism later.

Wonder Woman And Blue Beetle Join Injustice 2 Cast

Earlier this week, a teaser for the next two new Injustice 2 characters to be announced was released stating that two new characters would be revealed during San Diego Comic Con. Today we learned that Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle will join the Injustice 2 roster.  

Rock Band Rivals Details Announced

It has almost been a year since Rock Band 4 came out, and in that time there have been ups and downs. Good DLC with “bad DLC,” alright sales, splitting from MadCatz, but getting PDP Gaming on board. It’s been a busy year for Harmonix, including monthly updates. However, that was in the past. Now we look forward towards Rock Band Rivals: the first expansion pack for the title.

PokeVision Provides Pokemon Locations in Real Time for Pokemon GO Trainers

Man, Pokemon Go sure is popular. In fact, I lose contact to many of friends at random, only to find them wandering the streets in search of Dragonite or Charizard. I’ll admit I’ve ignored house work to galumph through the streets to stock up on items and challenge gyms. The game is a phenomenon that has consumed not only the world, but my community as well. It’s gotten to the poi...[Read More]

PokeRadar Developed to Help Find Pokemon

Over the last two weeks, the world has been enamored with Pokemon Go with trainers young and old going out and about to search for their favorite Pokemon. With the launch of any game comes a variety glitches but one glitch has made Pokemon Go rather difficult; the glitch that is being referred to is the Pokemon detection system. Because of the glitch, the Pokemon Go community has banded together t...[Read More]

Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Prototype Found

Retro gamers are rejoicing all over right now at the sheer possibility of what was recently found by youtuber MetalJesusRocks; he has found a unique N64 Disk Drive. The Nintendo Disk Drive was a planned expansion to the N64, basically pushing the boundaries of what the N64 could do to compete with the power of the Playstation. In the early 2000s, sites reported fervently on the next big thing, eve...[Read More]

Star Citizen Backer Gets Refund

Star Citizen is a game that looks to be a holy union between Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and even bits of No Man’s Sky. One with incredible expectations as it smashed its Kickstarter goal with over 2 million donated to the cause of development. That Kickstarter campaign was several years ago with the game just now getting into its earliest of alpha stages, with no definite release date in sig...[Read More]

Catching A Different Kind Of Cheater Through Pokemon Go

It’s pretty clear that everyone is playing Pokémon Go. Well, not EVERYONE, but darn near. While it is mostly fun and games, the reports of robberies and trespassing put a bit of a dark cloud on it. Now we have a story that should put a chill in the heart of anything sneaking around on their significant other.

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