ReviewTubers: Dex the Swede

One of the best things about watching video-based reviews is that the personality of the person reviewing the game comes through so strong compared to written reviews. This is what makes them so unique and fun to watch. Each reviewer is allowed to do so much with the video format that their voice, sense of humor, and passion really shows. There will definitely be some crossover as the community do...[Read More]

Ten Great Games For Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and for gamers, this can mean a time to share a thematically appropriate game with that special someone, or at least find some love with an on-screen waifu. With that in mind, here are the Top Ten Valentine’s Day game suggestions from Marooners’ Rock.

DUSK – A Throwback with Guts

Even as video games continue to push the boundaries as a medium visually, there is something timeless about a retro look. For those that played on a PC in the early 90s, there is a visual style that probably comes to mind. Blocky polygons, rudimentary lighting that was monumental at the time, and blazing fast gameplay. Dusk takes the mold of games like Quake to create something unique that will ha...[Read More]

Leveling the Playing Field With Haste

We’ve all been there: sprinting around a corner in an online FPS, only to get hosed out of no where by another player who literally saw us a split-second sooner thanks to an unfortunate bout of 300ms ping. Or maybe it was a raid in a favorite MMO, where the healer simply didn’t get the information that our health was nosediving until it was a just too late. Perhaps MOBAs are your thing instead, an...[Read More]

ReviewTubers: Lazy Game Reviews – LGR

Reviewing games in entertaining ways and keeping an audience is hard enough, but reviewing hardware too? That is its own beast entirely. It takes more research, tools, and mechanical prowess to properly review a piece of PC hardware, and Lazy Game Reviews, or LGR for short, has all of this in spades. LGR specializes in all things Retro PC, his videos take a look at not only games, but also hardwar...[Read More]

Bringing The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron to The Crew 2

As a fan of driving games, and as the owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, I was thrilled to see the news that some of my favorite two-wheeled machines would be showing up in Ubisoft’s upcoming open world racer The Crew 2. I recently got the chance to ask a few questions of Tom Martin, Senior Project Manager at Harley-Davidson, about how this collaboration between Harley and Ubisoft came a...[Read More]

ReviewTubers: Pushing Up Roses

When it comes to video-based media I love movies and tv shows, but above everything else the last few years I find myself consistently watching regularly releasing content on YouTube. My favorite content to watch is a small corner of creators who specialize in Game Reviews, some of them more serious, others more silly, but most are a mix of the two. Doing bits and riffs on games, funny editing and...[Read More]

The Evil Within 2 Xbox One Code Giveaway

With the Xbox One X now out, many of you are looking for new games to play. Who isn’t! Well, today is your lucky day as we here at Marooners’ Rock will be giving away one lucky reader a copy of the game. If you’re new to the site we happen to welcome you to the site. For those of you that often come here, you’ll know the rules when it comes to giveaway. As you can clearly g...[Read More]

There will be no Loot Boxes in Monster Hunter World

Capcom has had some rough patches over the years, especially when it comes to cancelling Mega Man games, making weird mobile ports, and still saying nothing about Monster Hunter XX on Switch. However, Capcom is also on a bit of a golden streak with games like Resident Evil 7, which became an instant classic and reviving a troubled series. With Monster Hunter World, there is hope that one of my fav...[Read More]

Five Fast Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Gamers

Good news! You’ve gotten a last minute invitation to a Halloween party tonight! Bad news! Your plans were to stay in, turn off all the lights, play in the Overwatch Halloween event, and buy discounted Halloween candy tomorrow, so you didn’t have a costume planned. Not to worry, we at Marooner’s Rock have your back, with five easy costume ideas (plus a bonus) that you can probably...[Read More]

Batman Month: Storylines to Base Ben Affleck’s Solo Film on

As we close out this year’s Batman Month, we’re going to look at one thing I’m super curious about: the possible ideas for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.

Daddy Gamer Episode 08: DragonLance Movie

DragonLance helped define me as a person. I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, Kingskiller Chronicles, Forgotten Realms, Dungeons and Dragons, and by extension of that tabletop gaming in general. My love for these stories led to a love for storytelling, which heavily influences my life today! I love that I have a job that enables and requires me to tell stories, even if it’s a simple commercial. ...[Read More]

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