Batman Month

Batman Month: Storylines to Base Ben Affleck’s Solo Film on

As we close out this year’s Batman Month, we’re going to look at one thing I’m super curious about: the possible ideas for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.

Batman Month: The Best Animated Movies

There are tons of animated films starring the Dark Knight, but which are really worth your time?

Batman Month: Top 5 Elseworlds Batmen

Once again, the Dark Knight descends upon Marooner’s Rock, for it is Batman Month! And today, we’re going to look at the five best Batmen from the Elseworlds multiverse. To make the list, these all have to be versions of Bruce Wayne, and be different in some major way, be it setting, abilities, or whatnot. And here… we… go…

Batman Month: 5 reasons why you should read Scott Snyder’s run

As of this year, DC Comics has started a new era called Rebirth, bringing the New 52 era to a close. And for many fans, it’s great news. The New 52 was supposed to be a fresh start for the DC Universe, a place for new readers and old fans to jump on. Instead, it was marred with bad decisions and questionable storylines, for the most part. There were some great parts during the New 52, and th...[Read More]

Batman Month: The Top 5 Alternate Batmen

We all know that Bruce Wayne is the Batman. No one else can come close to matching him in the role. But, for reasons such as an incapability to continue, or just being a reality where he never became the Dark Knight, others have stepped up to wear the mantle of the Bat. Here are the top five to wear the cowl other than Wayne.

Batman Month 2016: The Worst (not in the good way) Villains

It’s October, and while he gets a whole day in September, here at Marooner’s Rock we all know that it’s Batman Month! And we’re kicking it off with the worst of the worst, the absolute lamest villains in Batman’s rogues gallery.

Batman Month: Ranking the Films

As Batman Month draws to a close, let’s rank the feature films!

Batman Month: Batsuits of the Movies

With Halloween fast approaching, the announcement that Arkham Knight¬†players will get to use the new suit from next year’s new film in November, and it just plain being the month of Batman, I figured it’s time to discuss the many suits used in the films.

Batman Month: Five Superman/Batman Stories to Read Before the Movie

It’s that time of year again, as Batman Month returns to Marooner’s Rock. And with a new film coming out next year, it feels appropriate we look at some of the best stories where the Dark Knight met the Man of Steel to get you in the mood.

Batman Month: Animated! The Best Batman Episodes

As we bring our animated themed Batman Month to a close, it’s time to look at the episodes that shined a spotlight on the titular hero himself. So, for our final list, these are the best Batman focused episodes!

Batman Month: Animated! The Best Joker Episodes

He’s the Dark Knight’s greatest enemy. A sick, deranged mind hiding beyond a colorful ridiculous exterior. As such, he’s had the lion’s share of good episodes through the animated series. So, here we go with the countdown of the Joker’s best episodes!

Batman Month: Animated! The Best Villain Episodes

As we continue our look at the best episodes of the classic cartoon featuring our favorite Dark Knight, we come to one list I’m sure most have looked forward to. I’m talking of course about the villains, the main attraction as we watch Batman face the worst that Gotham has to offer.¬†

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