Ambition: A Minuet in Power Launches Kickstarter

Readers may remember our previous coverage of indie romance roguelike Ambition: A Minuet in Power, and the note that developer Joy Manufacturing Co. was planning a Kickstarter to help fund development. The day has finally come, and the game’s Kickstarter page is now live, along with a tasty new trailer video.

Pokémon Piano Collections Now Available

The Materia Collective announced that they were pleased to unveil the latest installment in their Pokémon Piano Collections album series which focuses on the original Pokémon titles that started it all. Composer, pianist, and arranger, Trevor Alan Gomes seeks to bring his own personal sound to what is arguably the best-known video game music of the last twenty years. Mr. Gomes has worked primarily...[Read More]

PAX East Badges on Sale Now!

Go! Go! Go!  Badges for PAX East are on sale!

Remembering Dead Space – Gameumentary

Until here recently, I had never played through any of the Dead Space games. Almost immediately after finishing Dead Space 2, the news comes out that Visceral Games had been closed down. Even at that moment, as a new fan of this phenomenal (well, mostly) franchise I was crushed at the thought that this series probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I went on to finish the entire trilogy on...[Read More]

Xbox One X Brings Major Graphical Enhancements to Released Games

With the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, a number of games have been releasing updates to provide enhanced graphical experiences for gamers choosing either to upgrade from an existing Xbox One console, or getting into the Xbox One universe for the first time with an Xbox One X. Below are the announced games which feature improvements for the new console. Marooner’s Rock will ...[Read More]

Protect Your Vision With Gunnar Computer Eyewear

Unless you have been living under a rock, you more than likely have heard of GUNNAR glasses. What most people think of when they hear this name is professional gamers who want to get an upper edge on their competition. Even worse, people think of a cheap fad that is meant to exploit kids who think these glasses are meant to improve their Call of Duty matches with their friends. What gets overlooke...[Read More]

Dodgeball Rising! Announced for Steam by Asakusa Studios

Samurai Edo period team dodgeball. No, this isn’t a typo, Japanese videogame publisher Happinet is announcing the new game Dodgeball Rising! coming to Steam Early access. Set during an alternative history take on Japan’s Edo period, where swords and duels have been banned by the government, everyone from Samurai to Geisha have no choice but to settle their conflicts with Dodgeball. It&...[Read More]

Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Getting Vinyl Collections

The Sega Dreamcast, although it was a flop, did have so many bright moments. Say what you want, but that is where Sonic games truly shined in my opinion. Yes, they are dated and at times ridiculous, but Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 are both classics in my book. Part of this is because of how wonderful the music was; whether it was from the opening hooks of Open Your Heart, to the greatest opening lev...[Read More]

Ubisofts Gifts Watch_Dogs For Free

‘Tis the season for gifts! Many companies are starting their pre-Black Friday sales, gearing up for Black Friday, or even just annual Winter Sales. Ubisoft wanted to jump into the Holiday spirit early and strong. While they could have done a game giveaway, or a holiday event, Ubisoft wanted to up the ante.

Moira to Join the Cast of Overwatch

Despite my loathing for it starting the shitstorm that is loot boxes, I have rather enjoyed spending evenings just playing Overwatch with my buddies. Since Sombra, every time a new hero comes out I find myself pulled right back into that game. I can’t really call myself a fan of the game, but damn if its not fun socially! Moira is the next hero to join the roster, bringing a mix of sorcery a...[Read More]

Runic Games Shuts Down, Releases Statement

After releasing three successful games, the studio that most recently brought us Hob is shutting its doors. This makes the second gaming studio to close its doors recently, as Visceral Games was also recently closed by EA. What was left behind though was not only a handful of amazing games that will live on in gaming history, but a bond was formed between those people. Runic Games called it a fami...[Read More]

New Far Cry 5 Co-op Trailer Revealed

Today Ubisoft® revealed new details, and a new trailer, for Far Cry® 5’s online co-op mode, nicknamed “Friends for Hire.” In this mode, players can team up with a friend to free Hope County, Montana, from the doomsday cult infesting the area.

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