Weekend with the Wii

On Friday the 13th, Lindsey and I became the proud new owners of a Nintendo Wii system, along with Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Animal Crossing: City Folk (with Wii Speak), and some accessories.  Needless to say, our weekend was very productive. Very productive. We have both been playing mostly Animal Crossing.  She has played this game in depth on multiple sy...[Read More]

Year 1 – Episode 7 Recap

Our Friday the 13th episode started with some unlucky technical difficulties, resulting in a late start of almost 10 minutes!  We sincerely apologize, but we were so busy playing on our new Wii that we didn’t take the time to confirm that everything was ready to go.  Our bad. This episode saw Lindsey in aluminum devil horns (which were easy to do since all she did was wrap them around her re...[Read More]

Valentine’s Day

Today was Valentine’s Day.  It was the second Valentine’s Day that Lindsey and I have had, and the first since we moved in together and since we became engaged.  The first thing we did was get breakfast.  Sorry, let me correct that.  The first thing I did was get breakfast.  The first thing Lindsey did was play Animal Crossing: City Folk on our new Wii.  After eating breakfast, we cont...[Read More]

Dr. Chocolate, D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery (Dentist))

After our trip to the Apple Store a couple of nights ago, we stopped by a See’s Candies shop, as it was on our way out of the mall, and we wanted some free candy samples.  We walked in and picked up a couple of interesting shelf items before standing in line for the good stuff.  Shortly after, one of the sales associates finished with her customer and came to serve us.  We tried a couple of ...[Read More]

Apple Store Blues

After visiting Lindsey’s great-great-uncle for his 91st birthday, we headed to the Apple Store to buy the Griffin Clarifi case for the 3G iPhone I bought her this week.  We got there shortly after 8:00pm, and while looking at the wall of accessories, an associate stopped by to ask us if we needed any help.  This associate was Michael M.  Remember this, folks, because his name will come up ag...[Read More]

Is your refrigerator running?

Then you’d better go catch it! Our refrigerator sucks as much as that joke.  Our apartment came with a refrigerator.  We considered this a good thing.  However, even at level 5 out of 9 possible temperature levels, it still freezes yogurt, salad, and juice.  Things which are NOT LOCATED IN THE FREEZER.  A simple solution, you might say, is to keep turning it down until it stops freezing thin...[Read More]

Year 1 Episode 6 Recap

Well I know this is getting posted rather late, but it is better than not at all. Last Friday we had a really fun show and the chat room was rather active. We started the show off as usual and then got into all the juicy details. Chris even made a foil replica of Ryu’s headband. Ryu is from Street Fighter if some of you readers don’t know that. We updated everybody about our grand plot...[Read More]

One year ago…

The date, February 19, 2008. The time, 8:50pm. The place, AT&T corporate store at 5180 N Blackstone Ave, in Fresno. The situation: For our two month anniversary (two monthaversary, twoaversary, whatever), we decided to purchase new cell phones for each other.  I had wanted an iPhone since before there was even speculation about iPhones.  She wanted a Sidekick LX.  We had spent a great deal of ...[Read More]

All I wanted was to file my taxes….

So about a week ago I got my W2 in from my former job and got giddy. In all of my years filing taxes I have always gotten a return. A very nice return if I say so, but a lot of it comes from Earned Income Credit and the Child Tax Credit from my daughter. Anyways I was told that because now I own my own business, it would help if I were to go to a CPA because they could help me get the best return ...[Read More]

Kitty Cat

As we’re walking back into our apartment this evening, after spending most of the day running errands and being about town, we noticed a small, beautiful, black cat with white and grey accents in the parking lot.  After a bit of prompting, it eventually came closer.  As I had somewhere around ten plastic bags filled with groceries and miscellaneous items hanging from my right arm, I felt tha...[Read More]


A couple of weeks ago, I came across a link to a new comic that Mark Waid was working on.  I loved his work on Kingdom Come and Secret Origins, and the lead-in mentioned Kingdom Come, so I clicked and took a look.  What I saw was “Irredeemable”, a new monthly series from Mark Waid.  I love the premise, and I think it’s just a fantastic story to tell.  The story tells of the world...[Read More]

E3… oh beautiful E3

Back in 2002 I attended the wonderful Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. It was everything I could have imagined, and more. There was so much going on that I thought I would succumb to sensory overload. Game demos everywhere, lights and neon that made you think you were at Times Square or the Vegas Strip, and people! Oh it was a sea of nerds, and it was beautiful! I went all 3 days...[Read More]

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