Awesome GameStop Game Deals

Right now at the GameStop website, there are some fantastic deals going on, known as a Power Saver Sale, and let me tell you…it’s massive. In all of my years working for GameStop (2001-2005), I never saw a sale this big, so if you can, I highly suggest you take advantage of it.

Kinect Pricing Revealed

Ever since Microsoft Kinect was unveiled at E3, many sites have been speculating on the price. The consistent rumor was that it would be at, or around, $150.00, and today it was confirmed.

Amazon Lightning Deals for Xbox 360

On Amazon today, take advantage of some amazing deals on Xbox 360 games!

Mega Man Universe Teaser Trailer Released

Hot off of last weeks announcement, today Capcom released the teaser trailer for Mega Man Universe.

iPhone 4 Reception Demonstration Reaction

Last week, Apple held a short-notice press conference regarding the antenna-based reception problems of the new iPhone 4.  During this press conference, the results of a competitor comparison were presented, showing that the iPhone 4 reception issue is not unique to the iPhone 4, but that it is, in fact, found in many other leading smartphone devices from various manufacturers.  Needless to say, t...[Read More]

Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Assassins Creed II

Fans of the Assassins Creed franchise will be happy to know that, starting tomorrow, the Xbox Live Gold Member Deal of the Week features some nicely discounted goodies for Assassins Creed II.

Weekly Game Deals: Sunday Paper Edition

Slightly strapped for cash, but are looking to add to your game collection? Check out these great deals! All specials are good starting today until Saturday, July 24th, unless otherwise specified. All specials are available both online and in-store.

Drastic Measures

A few days ago, we implemented a major change to World of Meh.  We had originally enforced registration for commenting because of the deluge of spam we knew we would receive if we took no proactive action.  Being lazy people, we decided to enforce registration so that we wouldn’t have to combat spam.  Unfortunately, we failed to take into consideration the laziness of the Internet at large, ...[Read More]

More Raffle Prizes Courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo Games!

Thanks to our friends at Mumbo Jumbo Games, we now have more goodies to give away during our One Love for Chi/Blogathon raffle coming up on the 31st! If you own a PSP, you should be getting excited. Not only has Mumbo Jumbo donated three great PSP games, but they have given us three copies of each!

Day one DLC for Mafia II detailed

2K Games has announced today that on release day, there will be a couple DLC packages available for download. The Betrayal of Jimmy will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and will be available as a free download to those who purchase the game brand new with a voucher code. For those who don’t, it will be available for $9.99 (rough estimate- £7.99).

Rock Band latest update- The Stooges and Bad Religion

Another week, another Rock Band update; this time we’re seeing Bad Religion and The Stooges content delivered to online stores on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference

Just over a month ago, the iPhone 4 was officially announced.  Since its release, there have been complaints about the functionality of the new antenna design.  After telling people they were simply holding it wrong, and that it was partially a software issue, Apple held a press conference today to make an official statement on the issue, starting with this:

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