Google’s Next Step for World Domination

Last night while I was in bed with Chris, I saw people talking on Twitter about Google owning Microsoft. (Just for future reference, if you ever see me use the word “owning”, I mean to own at like a video game, not own as in purchase or obtain.) I clicked on the links to see what all the fuss is about, and boy did Google take a big fat dump on Microsoft. They announced that they are co...[Read More]

Happy Bungie Day!

Today, for all you Halo fans, is Bungie Day. The creators of the Halo series, Bungie, have an affinity for the number 7. Since today is 7/7/09 that makes it Bungie Day! If you own Halo 3 and have an Xbox Live account, you can go into the special playlist “Bungie vs. The World” so that you can be matched up with some of the Bungie staff. If you win the round with them, you will be award...[Read More]

Wolverine: Origins (Xbox 360 Demo)

Over the weekend, we downloaded the Wolverine: Origins demo on our Xbox 360.  I am generally hesitant of movie adaptations, but Lindsey had seen some gameplay footage, and I had read a great deal about the game, so we felt it would be a fun, free demo.  I gave it a shot on Sunday night, and was immediately impressed by the graphics.  The introductory FMV does a good job of introducing the characte...[Read More]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Advance Screening

In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man. Midnight premieres. I have been to many midnight premieres in the years that I have walked upon the earth.  I revel in the atmosphere of a midnight premiere.  I rejoice in the opportunity to interact with my people.  The true believers, not just in the content, but in the medium itself, make themselves known.  This is the ultimate movi...[Read More]

Grand Slam Tennis – Wii

Viewing Review – Before I go into my review for Grand Slam Tennis, I want to let you guys and gals know that I am not too keen on sports games. I have never been athletically inclined, and I’ve found most sports to be boring. Tennis is a sport that I would never play in real life. I’m just too lazy to run back and forth on the court just to hit a ball, so that brings me to video ...[Read More]

Heroes News!

If you guys and gals love Heroes as much as Chris and I do, then this news will delight you immensely: Not only do we know that September 21st is the premiere date for Redemption, but it will be a 2 hour episode! Happy Monday! – She Who Has The Last Word

Chatty Moogs

One thing we’ve noticed about Moogle is how curious she is. She wonders what is inside a cabinet, wonders what is so awesome about the fridge, and other things. She has also taken a great interest in our laptop and PC. She watches how the mouse cursor flits about the screen, and will stare at our fingers as they click on the keyboard. When Chris is at work, him and I talk throughout the day ...[Read More]

World of Meh Forums

If any of you are regulars to our blog, you will know that a few months back we created some forums. Unfortunately we are lazy bastards, and really didn’t do much with them. Sure there were a few posts done, a few people signed up… but it could’ve been so much more. Since I’ve grown frustrated with many of the current gaming forums and sites out there, I figured that we sho...[Read More]

What’s Wrong With You Guys?

Thanks to WordPress, we can view what people searched for that led them to our blog. I must say, some of you guys/gals are sick puppies lol Here are the top search results of all time for our blog (yes, I know that it’s not as many results compared to most blog sites but we are still growing): Now some of those are nothing, however if I run a search for the top results for the past 30 days, ...[Read More]

Donnie’s Dookie Disaster!

Almost all of you who read this blog know about our dog Donnie. For those of you who don’t, last year Chris and I adopted a dog who was already named Donnie. At the time he was 4, was owner released, and is a Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Luckily Donnie took on more of the Terrier traits and personality than the shakey Chihuahua. We found out right away that Donnie wasn’t house trained, but a...[Read More]

Xbox 360 Elite

Yesterday, we joined the ranks of Xbox 360 owners.  Even more exclusively, we are a proud owner of an Xbox 360 Elite console.  We received it as a joint birthday gift yesterday from my mother (Lindsey’s birthday is tomorrow, mine is in October).  As an added gift, Chris & Kelly purchased The Orange Box for Lindsey’s birthday.  To complete our day, we rounded up all of the games we ...[Read More]

Lindsey’s Surprise Birthday Party

Lindsey’s birthday is tomorrow (Monday, June 29th), but I threw her birthday party yesterday (Saturday, June 27th).  The party was a surprise, and went off fairly well.  I took Lindsey out to run some errands, and left her copy of the house key under the mat for one of my friends.  They came by, let everyone in, put the cake in the freezer, and waited for our return, where they yelled “...[Read More]

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