Green Day’s Revolution Radio Review

Despite a change in themes and studio quality, Green Day has been producing chart-topping music since the early 1990s, and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With their newest release (leaked September 26, but slated for release on October 7), Revolution Radio, Green Day seems to be reaching a middle ground between past and present, for fans new and old. I’ve been listeni...[Read More]

Robert Workman’s Ten Best Games of 2015

It’s been a crazy year for video games. We’ve seen long dormant franchises make a comeback, highly anticipated games get delayed, DLC flood the marketplace, and a few indie surprises pop out of the woodwork. Yet, at the end of the day, only a handful can be considered for the year’s best. Without further ado, here are my top ten games of 2015, with a few honorable mentions thrown...[Read More]

Pokemon #721 Finally Confirmed

While we are all patiently waiting for  Pokemon Go or a new Pokemon game, GameFreak is doing a nice job of keeping us at bay. First, we had Hoopa, which can still be picked up from McDonald’s until the 23rd. Now, we have the first ever “Steam” pokemon. Volcanion is the new legendary Pokemon that will be coming soon to our games. It is a Fire/Water pokemon, the first in the series...[Read More]

Internet Juggernaut Rooster Teeth Releases New Lazer Team Trailer

**HEAVY BREATHING** Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Rooster Teeth. Whether it has been about their internet series Red vs Blue, their “anime” RWBY, their Achievement Hunter section, or their current jaunt into cinema. Lazer Team has created quite a stir, starting with its almost 2.5 million dollar Indiegogo campaign back in the Summer of 2014. Sin...[Read More]

One Shot podcast is tabletop Roleplaying at its finest

Roleplaying has always been present in my life in some form, starting with simply running around in the woods slashing at enemies (trees) with my sword (stick). Supported by my allies, the Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and the Sesame Street crew, I was unstoppable. Of course as I grew older my roleplaying became much more structured, and involved more people. My friends and I would create a settin...[Read More]

I Am Bread makes its way to PS4

The bread is fully baked and ready to leave the pan – I am Bread is now available for PlayStation 4. Much like the journey one slice of bread takes to become toast, the master bakers at Bossa Studios have taken players on a journey through Early Access to a full release on PC and now to PS4. Follow the story of Mr. Murton, a.k.a. Bob from Surgeon Simulator, as he’s slowly driven mad by a malevolen...[Read More]

Review: Star Wars: Age of Rebellion (Tabletop RPG)

It wasn’t until a couple years ago that my long interest in tabletop rpgs was fulfilled when a friend of mine invited me to his weekly Dungeons and Dragons group. The weekly sessions have become something that I look forward to every week. I recently started looking into other systems and worlds mostly just out of curiosity, then I came across Fantasy Flight Games’ recently released Star Wars syst...[Read More]

Review: Adventure Time – Time Tangle (iPad)

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Review: Nuts! (Card Game)

Nuts! is a simple and fast paced card game from Wildfire Games. If polishing your nuts or chasing tail interests you, read on! The rules are simple. The first person to get 20 nut points wins. There are five types of cards that will help you get there.

Review: Pirate Fluxx (Card Game)

My only experience with the Fluxx franchise was playing Zombie Fluxx at an airport with some people I had met at Penny Arcade expo. I had a lot of fun in that short amount of time and was very excited to try this new set. There is a new type of card included in this set to change things up a bit. The “Surprise!” cards can be played during your turn to have one effect or during another player’s tur...[Read More]

Review: Wild Star (PC)

MMORPGs are an interesting beast. Its more than a video game genre, It’s more akin to being a completely separate hobby on its own. I have played a ton of MMOs and most of them are bad, but the ones that do a great job it makes me love the genre. WildStar on paper sounds pretty fantastic when it comes to MMOs. Though “on paper” isn’t why we shell out the loot to play these ...[Read More]

Review: Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition (PS4)

1…3…23…56…75…106.  My KO count went to 106 in less than 2 minutes in my first battle in Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition. Dynasty Warriors lets the player be an unstoppable force when he or she is on the battlefield. Almost all the attacks in the game are meant for crowd control giving the player a sense of invincibility. The game’s high points definitely come from the game...[Read More]

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