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MAINGEAR Announces Upgrades to the Pulse 14

MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder, has announced today that is has made considerable upgrades to the Pulse 14 high performance notebook, and that it’s unparalleled in its class. The Pulse 14 combines a unique design that features Intel’s 4th […]


Preorder The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Now!

For those who are looking for a new phone or looking for a top of the line phone; look no further than Samsung Galaxy S 4! You can pre-order the phone now. The phone will cost $199.99, after a $50 […]


NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition Announced and Detailed

A couple of months ago, we saw the news that NEOGEO would be returning on December 6th in the form of NEOGEO X GOLD for $199.99. The package was detailed to include a 4.3″ display handheld unit for playing on […]


SteelSeries Releasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Peripherals

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has launched, and people are playing the maps that they have played for years. How would you like to play on your PC with a little extra style? SteelSeries has recently announced an awesome new line-up of […]


NEOGEO X GOLD Coming December 6, 2012

Due to its higher price, I never owned a NEOGEO home system. I recall wanting one desperately, but my parents raised me on teachers’ salaries, and a NEOGEO simply wasn’t in the cards. That’s not to say I never experienced […]


CompuExpert Releases Airhead 1000 PC/Mac Headset

A new wireless PC/Mac headset has made its way to market, thanks to CompuExpert and its TekNmotion Airhead 1000 wireless headset. Winner of the 2011 RedDot Design Award, the Airhead 1000 looks like a clean headset for enjoying media, gaming, […]


Calibur11 Reveals Mass Effect 3 Vault

Limited to a run of 25,000 numbered units, Calibur11 is perhaps unwittingly responsible for what future Internet historians will refer to as “The Great Nerd Rage of 2012,” a major topic of discussion and consternation in future-students Early 21st Century […]


Steam On Your Phone or: Adios Productivity

If you are a PC gamer, you probably live on Steam. Valve’s little engine that could has made PC gaming more affordable and overwhelming than ever. I am almost exclusively a PC gamer and as I look at my Steam […]


Steam Goes Mobile

Steam has become one of the most recognizable and respected digital distribution platforms in video games. From its ease of use to its shiny interface, and from its wide selection to its wallet busting sales and deals, PC and Mac […]


Rumor: Microsoft Goes After Used Games

Earlier this week Kotaku reported on as of yet unconfirmed rumors that the next Xbox console will lock-out used games. For many, this seemed like a dramatic and, ultimately, unfair gesture that will hamper many people’s enthusiasm and support for the […]