Drawful 2 Review

When the Jackbox Party Pack came out a few years ago, I assumed everyone would be flocking to it for the newest entry of You Don’t Know Jack. But the developers at Jackbox Games are full of surprises. Not only did it generate a great party game with Fibbage, but it also introduced Drawful, a hilarious take on the classic Pictionary where friends could draw images to complement a suggestion, then see if players guessed the right one.

It’s a party game that, like other Jackbox offerings, thrives more with additional players involved. And the team thought it would be a good idea to expand upon it with Drawful 2, a sequel that provides small but subtle suggestions. They certainly pay off, as the game is worth its weight in gold – provided you have a few friends in tow.

Like the original, you have to draw stuff based on suggestions in the game. However, this time around, you have two colors to choose from, so everything doesn’t have to be a large, useless mess. That said, you still have to show some form of artistry with the game, lest people know what the hell you just drew. There’s no way to make up for your mistakes, but why would you want to?

I say this because, even if the drawings are somewhat wrong, they can be hilarious as you try to determine something between “robot uprising” and “robot birthday,” depending on what was drawn. And even if you don’t always get the points from your friends’ votes, you can earn thumbs up from others as a noble effort for trying, as they tally up at the end as well. So, see? The Da Vinci type in the group doesn’t always win.


There’s the ability to create a new custom mode within the game, as you can create your own suggestions and share them with others in your group. While there’s no gigantic community to choose suggestions from, Drawful 2 does come with plenty, and even if you don’t create a thing, you’ll have a good time with it.

The gameplay consists of utilizing a cell phone or tablet, which connects to the game through the Jackbox.TV sign-in page. It works effortlessly, just like the original, though the quality of the drawing, again, depends on the participants. Get eight players in a match, though, and you’re in for quite a few laughs.

Others can join in as well, just like the original game. Up to 10,000 can take part in audience voting, making this an ideal game for Twitch broadcasters looking to reach out to their followers. This is easily one of the best features in Drawful 2, and a good time at that.

Don’t expect major fireworks from the presentation, but the game’s pretty much built on simplicity anyway, with an easy-to-follow interface, an enjoyable announcer, and simple background music.

Perhaps that’s the game’s biggest turn-off. Technical features aside, it’s still just Drawful, more or less, with a few extras added on. And there’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see a Jackbox Party Pack 3 where it’s thrown into the mix, alongside a Quiplash 2 and other silly party games. (Hopefully a new You Don’t Know Jack, yeah?)

Drawful 2 doesn’t really have much to offer to the single player either. It’s built as a group activity, and without that group, well, you won’t get very far.

But I digress. You should have a fairly good idea of what you’re getting into with Drawful 2 before you buy it. It follows general rules, but it does so hilariously, based on the possibilities of your guests. Snag a few friends and have a field day – even if you don’t have any fathomable idea of how to draw a “robot birthday”. (I’m sure you can figure something out.)


  • A terrific party game, one that's perfect for groups of three or more
  • Great new mode creation, as well as the ability to use different colors
  • Ideal for streamers looking to get their audience involved


  • Follows the same general principles as Drawful, but that's not entirely bad
  • Doesn't offer much to the single player
  • Doesn't go overboard on graphics, but doesn't need to


Robert Workman is a veteran who’s worked for many sites over the years, including GameCrate, AOL GameDaily and Segadojo. When he’s not playing video games, he’s enjoying a fine craft beer and talking about how much Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to rock. Oh, yeah, and his game shirt collection rocks.

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