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Rocket League Paint Job Comes To Dying Light, May or May Not Protect You From Zombie Horde

Rocket League and Dying Light are a pair of games that keep on giving. In a partnership between Techland (Dying Light) and Psyonix (Rocket League), content related to each game is now a part of the other.

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Rolling Out!

It’s here! Techland has announced Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition has begun shipping and I couldn’t be more excited! Dying Light: The Following is a story-based expansion set in an area so massive it’s comparable to all the original Dying Light maps combined! DL:TF will see Kyle Crane travel to a haza...[Read More]

Dying Light Release Details Confirmed

Highly anticipated zombie shooter Dying Light releases in a few days for some, but developer Techland offered some final clarifications before the big day. For the PC community, they can get their hands on the zombie-hunting goodness on January 27th, 2015. For both North and South America, physical releases will be available that same day...[Read More]

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