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IndieCade 2014: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry Wars has had an interesting path. Born from Bizarre Creations, it started life as a mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 2, and was eventually released as its own in the form of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Its success led to ports and spin-offs before an eventual sequel: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. After the dissolution of Bi...[Read More]

IndieCade 2014: VR Typing Trainer

I have found my reason to purchase an Oculus Rift once the consumer kit becomes available. I was just meandering (I was born in the south, I know how to meander) down the festival walk, going nowhere in particular, when, set up simply in the corner of a larger tent, I saw VR Typing Trainer. I suppose more accurately, I saw the crowd aroun...[Read More]

IndieCade 2014: Choice Chamber

Twitch Plays Pokemon was an unqualified phenomenon, but it was incredibly messy. The concept of controlling the game solely through crowdsourced input was fascinating to see in practice, but it didn’t seem like it could hold attention long-term (at least not mine). I don’t know if Choice Chamber was thought up because of Twitc...[Read More]

IndieCade 2014: Cuppa Quest

Why did Karl Marx hate Earl Grey tea? Because all proper-tea is theft! I’ll wait while you compose yourself… Unlike Karl Marx, I’m quite a fan of proper tea (none of your herbal nonsense, thank you very much). This is why a game about finding tea struck me as particularly interesting. Still in proof of concept, Cuppa Que...[Read More]

IndieCade 2014: Swords & Soldiers 2

I’m not much of a real time strategy guy, generally. I’m a big fan of Civilization, and other turn based strategy titles that give me time to think and plan; to me, a great strategy game is like a nice game of chess, with deliberate moves planned and executed. Now, two days into IndieCade, I find myself intrigued and excited b...[Read More]

IndieCade 2014: Mini Metro

Living in the Los Angeles area has been my first encounter with a metropolitan rail system. I was not an eager adopter, by any means, but now that I’ve spent the better part of a year using the LA Metro for nearly all of my transportation needs, I (mostly) adore it. Because of this, while walking around the Game Showcase today at In...[Read More]

IndieCade 2014: Close Castles

I only had a couple of hours to spend at IndieCade today, and only a couple more that I can spare over the weekend, so I’m reduced to brief experiences with many of the festival’s offerings. One of the most memorable to come out of today was a game called Close Castles, from the maker of Threes. It was quick, smooth, and incre...[Read More]

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