Logitech G920 Steering Wheel Review

A few years ago, Logitech made quite a name for itself by producing Gran Turismo-branded steering wheels for PlayStation consoles, creating an unmatched driving experience with ideal force feedback and the kind of “real” feeling that’s usually limited to deluxe arcade racing cabinets. Sure, it was expensive as heck, but the feeling you got from this wheel – with the right driving game, of course – was unprecedented. And some people will tell you that it still is today.

Now, Logitech has returned to the steering wheel foray with the Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel, this time for the Xbox One. The company opted to take that route to time the peripheral’s release with the awesome Forza Motorsport 6 game, although it works with other racers as well, including Forza Horizon 2 and whatever else suits your racing fancy.

But, of course, it comes at a price, as the wheel and foot pedals sell for a whopping $399 – not your garden variety price for peripherals of this nature. So the question is, will you get the most out of this device to make it worth your while? Well, it really depends how much you like racing games – but if you’re a fan, consider this to be your next must-get toy.

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If you’re familiar with the older G27 model of the steering wheels, you’ll get used to this in no time. The wheel itself is built similarly with button layout, force feedback and the ability to mount onto tables and/or desks for maximum security. It also has an exquisite feel, so that it resembles a real steering wheel. Kudos also to the foot pedals, which are made of a strong metal and also have securing in place, so they won’t shift around all over the place while you’re stomping away on the brake and accelerator.

As for the force feedback, it’s nothing short of amazing. As you take your turns, you can actually feel the power going into the wheel, and the rumbling whenever you go onto a new surface. Logitech dialed this experience down to a tee, no matter what game you’re playing on. It’s a remarkable experience that buries itself in progressive pressure sensitivity, but still delivers the sheer feeling of actually driving a sports car.

In addition, going through menus with the wheel is pretty easy, as the layout really fits right into place, with access to the buttons, D-pad and shoulder options, in case you need to make any adjustments. The only thing is, if you have it plugged into your system and start it up, make sure to leave the wheel be for a second, as it spins around (a full 900 degrees both ways) just to adjust. Just a word of warning – we assure you, it isn’t haunted.

There are a couple of minor instances where performance can be a little off, namely in the accelerator’s feel. That’s not to say it doesn’t work – it does – but sometimes you need to put major pressure on it to get the most out of it. Driving fans will probably do this anyway, just to make sure they’re at top speed. So it’s not a big worry.

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Also, some driving fans may want to consider getting a custom driving seat for the peripheral to get the most out of it. It’s just fine sitting on a couch and mounting it to a table, but obviously some people will go, ahem, the extra mile to get that feel down perfectly. That may lead to a purchase that will cost a few hundred extra dollars, but it’s completely optional. The way it is will work just fine for couch racing jockeys.

Then, of course, there’s the price. Not everyone is going to want to shell out $400 for a deluxe steering wheel and pedals (and $60 for the optional shifter, which isn’t bad when it comes to its own sense of feeling – but it’s best saved for those who want the optimum manual driving experience), since they feel that a regular controller will get the job done. But I can easily see why Logitech wanted to up its game with it, and those who do make the investment will see many happy returns, even if they have to adjust a few minor things to get the most out of it.

In the end, the Logitech G920 is a dream come true for racing fans. It’s built wonderfully and reacts just about perfectly when it comes to the company’s line of peripherals, and the way you can secure them with any given surface is a delight – even though a racing chair would probably be the best way to go. It delivers no matter which game you’re playing with it (I can’t wait to try it with the new Need For Speed), and it feels just about right all around. Racing fans, this is well worth adding to your collection. Hands (and feet) down.

(A peripheral of this steering wheel and shifter were provided by Logitech for this review.)


  • Performs like a champ when it comes to force feedback and realism
  • Built with incredible quality parts, and feels like real racing equipment
  • Comes with secure measures so you can mount to any table or floor


  • A bit expensive for most gamer's tastes
  • Minor issues with the pedals, particularly acceleration
  • Some racing fans may prefer a deluxe chair to get the ultimate experience from it.


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