Pocket Mortys Review

From the moment the game loaded up and the theme music started up, I knew things were about to get schwifty. Fans of the show will The first thing that becomes clear is that this game is a clone paying its respects to the lighter side of Pokémon. Morty is your starter and it’s time to explore.

The meat of the game is battling. When I said lighter side this is where is comes into play. There are only four attack types (Rock, Paper, Scissors and Normal.) Everything has one strength and weakness while the normal attacks are equally effective across the board. There are also status modifying abilities for attack, defense, and strength in varying degrees of strength. This leads to a portal that will be entered repeatedly to access new dimensions. Each one will be one and done with the goal of collecting a badge from each. The adventure will take you through different characters from the show who have collected morty’s of their own and are ready to battle. 82 different wild Morty’s will also be wondering randomly through the variety of dimensions to keep you side tracked from finding the Boss Rick and earning new badges. The more badges that are collected will allow new members of the Council of Ricks to be fought in an attempt to get back your Portal Gun.

And you thought Morty would be weak!

And you thought Morty would be weak!

The game is what you make of it. The player has the ability to go in and out of every world at their own pace. Fight all of the trainers, catch all of the wild Mortys, and collect all the items if you wish or just fight the boss Rick and move on. I have definitely done a mix of the two and it has kept the pacing mixed up enough to keep me entertained.

The controls are quite basic as well in terms of a mobile game. You’ll simply need to learn that there is a D-pad on the bottom left on your screen, which isn’t too big nor small. As for the bottom right you’ll simply see a big button that has A within it. The game itself in a way pays respect to those emulators that some people use to play games on.

An interesting aspect is that the monetized tickets can also be found randomly throughout the game as well as received at various points for beating periodic bosses. These tickets will give 4 random items and one random Morty. This gives no advantage other than allowing someone to grow their collection faster. Short advertisements can also be watched in the store to earn extra schmeckles(money) if you find yourself a little short of the item you need.

Yes, there is a rabbit Morty. Don't overthink it.

Yes, there is a rabbit Morty. Don’t overthink it.

The graphics to the game itself don’t really need to be explained since many of us have watched Rick and Morty and have had the chance to play Pokémon. So as you can see in our pictures within this review it’s what everyone would want in a Rick and Morty inspired Pokémon Parody game.

While many people would be expecting constant jokes and overflowing source material there is restraint built in to allow the game to be the main experience. This is a very good looking mobile game will the ability to be updated and expanded on if it has the positive reception that I expect. I believe this is a game that fans of the series will love and that non-fans will be able to enjoy as a free to play game that they can dump a few dollars into if they feel supportive. Enjoy the experience and if you’re new to the series let this be a gateway to watching the actual show. There’s only one thing left to say, gotta manipulate them all!


  • Uses the show’s source material well
  • Can truly be free to play through the entire game
  • Great interface that intuitive to use


  • Not enough variety of attack animations
  • Some points early on can leave the player money starved


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