Project GAEMS Vanguard – Black Edition Review

Have you ever sat back and thought about what would it be like to have a device in which you can travel and bring your game system with you? Better yet, what if you’re heading to a friend’s house and would like to bring you console, but they only have one TV to use? If you’re like me and have looked for such a device your wait has ended. What if I told you the company Project GAEMS has brought everyone a way of doing that. Plus, what if you go to events such at PAX, RTX or even local event and want to show off or play games with others?

Well, just keep on reading this review and you’ll find out all about my time with the Project GAEMS unit called the Vanguard.

The Vanguard is a 19″ LED display in a case, which as you can see in the picture below looks quite amazing. Don’t you think? This dream device happens to be real, and allows gamers to device happens to be real that will allow you a fellow gamer to cart your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 around. This is so you can have it anywhere at anytime such as in the airport or even while visiting family. The vanguard is very sturdy and is pretty much an armored shell allowing it to take an incredible amount of abuse, My G155, which is the 15.5 screen mode,l has taken a beating and a few drops on the floor due to friends and during a move. The Vanguard retails for $349.99 plus tax and can be ordered at places such as GameStop or even Amazon. While I know you’re sitting there wondering if the device is worth the price I’ll get to that party later.


How easy is it to set up the vanguard? Incredibly since the unit includes a bit to start with. It comes with a PGE Sling, PGE Remote, Accessory Storage Bags, Custom Fit EVA Foam Base, HDMI Cable, and Power Supply. All that in one case? Yes, and being able to cart your game system around and have everything need within is great. I’ve been able to walk around just to get how it felt while having the sling attached. You can simply carry the unit as I’ve done with my G155 having a sling is a plus. While you can feel the weight to the Vanguard it’s not bothersome. It feels as if you’re carrying any other bag, but let’s face it, being able to play your game system out with friends, in public or even while traveling is plus. Personally, I can see myself when flying out to events bring this unit with me or the G155 so I can have a quick gaming session if I have a layover or a repeat of my issues with PAX East 2015. (Flight got canceled, rebooked a flight and spent the night in the airport with no sleep.) As you can imagine that was one crazy night and with a unit such as the Vanguard I would’ve had a better night. The unit itself is very clean outside with the matte finish and inside is just the same since there no need to just throw all your equipment in and run.

As you can see in the picture above,which includes a PS4, it looks nice and if you’re wondering what those side bags are within the picture that is where you’ll put your HDMI cable, power supply and so forth. The team a Project GAEMS made sure that there is enough room for everything, with room for a few games if you’d like, which I’ve done. If you’re like me and often look at specs of devices such as graphic cards, TV’s, a new desktop PC and so forth you’ll be happy to see the list below. There are a lot features with this device and don’t get me started on the new units from Project GAEMS.

Weight17 lbs
USB CableN/A
Screen FinishMatte
Resolution1366 x 768
Panel TypeTN – Twisted Neumatic
Monitor19″ HD 720p EL-LED display
HDMI Cable30.5 cm
Accessories IncludedPower Supply, HDMI Cable
ConnectivityHDMI Input – supports 720 (native) or 1080p (scaled)
Ergonomic optionsAdjustable viewing angle
Viewing Angle170/170/170/170
Additional featuresStorage Bags, Shoulder Strap, Remote Control
Aspect ratio16:9
VESA wall mount supportN/A
Adaptor Input Voltage100-240v AC
CompatibilityXbox One® , Xbox 360 E®, Xbox 360 S®, Xbox 360® Elite, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation® 3 Slim
Audio internal(2) 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks
Display Colors(8 bit) 16.7M
Dimensions19.75″W x 7″D x 16.75″H


Now that you’ve digest the nice list of specs the nice list of specs, is the Vanguard worth the price? For a 19″ LED Screen, which can reach up to 1080p and includes so much, yes! Why wouldn’t it be? You’ll be able to get a lot of usage whether you’re going to a friend’s house, traveling, or maybe you have a way of plugging everything in within your car on a nice long road trip. I don’t doubt that through the years many gamers wish they could be able to bring a game system with them to play with no issues. I would’ve loved to bring my Sega Dreamcast with me to play Sonic Adventure’s on a family vacation. The Vanguard provides a great opportunity for gaming on the go, and you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth before you know it.


Does the size matter of the device? No, with my time the quality of the vanguard provided a great experance when out with friends or simply be in another room while the TV was in use. If you’re asking yourself, will using this unit cause a distraction for others in the room or being in a room that’s busy. Again, the answer is no you’ll be fully captured by it all and if you happen to have a headset you can plug it in so others aren’t bothered by it. This goes for being in public or even in areas such as an airport, which both areas could have a lot of traffic.

Overall, I think the Vanguard unit from Project GAEMS is a great device for those on the run or wanting to bring a gaming system to a friend’s house. Personally, I see myself using it for when I travel, go out for a LAN party, or just to show friends the device in hopes that they want one as well so we can play whenever we want, regardless of when and where. For the price of $349.99, it is great addition to a gamers toolbox, especially if you own more than one game system. Maybe you’re a live streamer, or simply like to have a game system you can use to play with friends easier. Regardless of why, Project GAEMS made sure to keep gamers in mind when creating all the units they’ve created so far. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind unit to travel with your game system this is it.

The vanguard was provided for review purposes from Project GAEMS.


  • Clean looking and very trasportable
  • Includes a lot of equipment for the unit
  • Having friends wanting one after seeing it in use
  • The price is on the high end, but the amount of usage will fix that
  • Being able to bring your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 or PS3 around in public is a plus


  • The weight of the unit is high, but easy to ignore when using sling
  • Not being able to cart a Wii U around since game system is small


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